Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cosplay by McCall's and Yaya Han Patterns

I'm sure this is old news at this point, but McCall's has a new website dedicated specifically to Cosplay.  It looks like a good place to find some of their older costume patterns, and a few new website exclusives!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Newsflash: June Burda Preview Posted

The full preview of the June Burda is up on the Russian website.  As far as magazines from this year go, I have to say that this month is possibly one of the better ones,  Which isn't saying much - it's been a pretty weak year.  But there are definitely a few more designs that I'm digging from this issue than I have from issues in the past few months.  Let's take a  look:

Newsflash: July Burda Early Preview Posted

I know - I haven't even posted the full June review yet.  It's been sitting in my Drafts folder for a while, because I've hit crunch time - I'm busy with work, sewing, and skating right now.  But it's half finished, and will be published soon, with any luck.  In the meantime, here is a quick post about next month's issue - you can see preview images on the German and Russian websites.  Overall I have to say July is not overly exciting to me - looks a bit like an extension of the June issue - but there are a few patterns I'm a bit partial towards already.  

This maxi dress looks stylish and cool for summer.