2013 Sewing Challenge

NOTE:  Due to the unexpected barrage of orders for skating costumes, a good portion of the year was spent sewing things not for me, which completely derailed my year-long sewing plans.  I officially abandoned my challenge plans here.  I still want to make most of the garments on this list, but I am going to be a lot more leisurely and unstructured in my approach to making them.

Last year's sewing challenge started me thinking about sewing with wardrobe planning in mind.  This year I want to continue the trend, but choose the projects I think are most needed to fill holes in my wardrobe while using up stash fabrics and finishing projects I had planned out long ago.  My plans are pretty extensive, but I don't expect myself to finish everything on the list this year.  I thought it would be better for me to have a full list of projects to choose from so that I would be less tempted to totally stray from my plans.  The overall goal is to sew clothes that are or will be seasonally appropriate, so I can get the most wear from the pieces I create as soon as I make them.

Here are my plans for the year...

January - March
(1) Teal Blazer (BS-07-2011-119) - February
(2) Tan Trench Coat (BWOF-09-2006-103)
(3) RTW Knockoff (BWOF-09-2006-103)
(4) Lightweight Day Dress (BS-03-2013-114) - March
(5) Birthday Dress (B5886 or V8789) - March
(6) Spring Skirt (BS-03-2013-109) - March
(7) Knit Cardigan (BS-03-2013-107) - March
(8) Knit Top (S1716) - January

April - June
(1) Lightweight Summer Jacket (BS-06-2012-121) - April?
(2) Summer Halter Dress (BS-07-2012-133) - June
(3) Shorts (PE-9-6) - May
(4) Jeans (P-284-5) - May
(5) Knit Top (BS-02-2011-102A) - April
(6) Woven Tank Top (PE-10-3, PE-15-8) - June
(7) Knit Dress (BS-02-2013-114) - April
(8) Navy Pants (BS-10-2011-121, V8751) - May
(9) Grey Pants (BWOF-05-2004-109, BWOF-01-2006-107) - April
*** BONUS: Graduation Dress for my sister! - April
*** BONUS: Skating costumes for competition! - April/May/June

July - September
(1) Casual Medium Weight Fall Jacket (BWOF-08-2006-101) - August
(2) RTW Knockoff #2 (BWOF-09-2006-103)
(3) Black Pants (BD7192) - August
(4) Black Pencil Skirt (BWOF-01-2009-112, BWOF-03-2009-104A) - July
(5) Knit Top (S1945) - July
(6) Cardigan (M5978, BS-04-2010-117B) - August
(7) Black Blazer (BS-11-2012-127A, BWOF-05-2009-102, BS-02-2011-126, Patrones?) - September

October - December
(1) Long Sleeved Dress (BS-10-2011-123) - October
(2) Blue/Teal Wool Coat (BWOF-01-2007-121, S2508, BS-12-2012-104) - November
(3) Grey Pencil Skirt (BS-08-2011-122, BS-09-2012-112) - October
(4) Knit Top (BS-11-2011-114) - November
(5) Ruffle Blouse (P-299-9) - November
(6) Silky Top (P-163-38) - December
(7) Holiday Party Dress (BS-12-2011-106/107, BS-12-2012-112) - December
(8) Silky Shirt (BWOF-02-2008-119B) - December

And here are my finished projects...

January - March
Simplicity 1716 - Teal Knit Top
BS-11-2012-136A - Teal Knit Top
BS-12-2012-139 - Green Fleece Hoodie
BS-12-2012-138 - Color Block Fleece Coat
BS-07-2011-119 - Teal Blazer
P-249-4 - Metallic "20s" Party Dress
BS-03-2013-109 - White "Lace" Spring Skirt

April - June
Coming Soon!

July - September
Coming Soon!

October - December
Coming Soon!

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