Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Newsflash: Summer Butterick Patterns Announced

The Butterick summer line is here.  The other patterns lines have been a bit of hit or miss for me as far as summer looks go, and I have to say, this Butterick release is much more in the "miss" category.  There isn't much new as far as the trends go - some peplums, some high low hems, a bit of color blocking.  Honestly, the most interesting pattern might just be the Sewing History regency look.  But, well, I suppose we should take a peak at some of the new patterns anyway...

B6054 - A Maggy London Wrap dress.

It's fine.  I have other wrap dress patterns I like better,
but there isn't anything wrong with this one.

B6053 - Another Maggie London.
I don't think the photograph quite does it justice - it washes out all the detail.

It actually has quite a lot of lovely topstitching.
Not sure that I would need this pattern, but the topstitching
detail might be a fun idea for other makes.
I like that it has pockets though.

B6050 - A Fast & Easy dress.  The front is a basic scoop neck,
but the back has a mildly interesting twist detail.

B6052 - My first thought at seeing this dress was "Ugh"...

... but the other styles in the envelope aren't so bad.
Fabric choice probably had a lot to do with my initial reaction as well.

B6049 - This dress is pretty cute and feels very summery.

I like the options for the different necklines as well.

B6055 - A Retro Butterick.
Meh.  I mean, I can see the retro vibe, but it isn't something I would want to re-make today.

B6051 - Are we sick of maxi dresses yet?

I feel like recent Burdas have been more exciting.

B6048 - Not such a fan of this boxy dress.

B6067 - A Gertie swimsuit pattern.
Actually I think this is pretty cute.

B6063 - A kAthRine Tilton pattern
Boxy jackets just don't do much to get me excited.  Another meh.

B6064 - Another kAthRine Tilton.
It looks like a top, but it is actually a drapey vest.
I think this goes in the interesting, but not me category.

B6062 - Another little french jacket pattern.
There are already so many of these...

I do like the darts for fitting in the back though.
A decent looking pattern, I just feel like we have seen a lot of them lately.

B6071 - I wasn't too excited by the photo of these Connie Crawford pants.

But the line drawing shows some nice details.
I sort of want to see some pattern reviews on this one to see how it looks on different people.

B6061 - A Fast & Easy pants pattern.
Actually these are a pretty decent pants pattern.

Fly front, belt loops, high pocket... yeah, I like this pattern.

B6060 - Another variation of the peplum pencil skirt.

Not such a fan of the pleated versions, and I have enough pencil skirt patterns already.

B6059 - A Fast & Easy pattern.  Sorta over the hi-lo hems at this point.

B6066 - A Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern.
The peplum on that top is a bit.. over the top.
I liked the pants 'til I saw the back zip.  Not a fan of a back zip.

The dress pattern that comes with the pattern would be great for layering though.

B6065 - A Fast & Easy Lifestyle Wardrobe.
Looks like it includes a knit sweater, tops, and skirt...

... as well as leggings...

... and a dress.  Not really excited by any of the pieces,
but for someone who is looking for basic leggings, knit skirts, or tank tops
this would be a great buy, especially at a $1 pattern sale.

B6058 - Long knit tunic.  Another meh from me.

B6056 - A Fast & Easy pattern.
The top is so low, the bottom is so poofy.  Who wants to look like a tent?

B6069 - I think it is great that Butterick offers patterns in larger Women's sizes,
BUT I wish that the patterns had a bit more variation than elastic waist pants and oversized tunic tops.
I was trying to find some patterns to make things for my mom and it was... difficult to find simple basics.

B6068 - A maternity dress.  Not overly exciting, but looks very wearable for summer.

B6040 - A See & Sew pattern.  Another one that goes in the fine,
but not overly exciting category.

B6043 - Another See & Sew.  The collar is making me feel claustrophobic.

This more basic tank version seems like it would be much more comfortable to wear.

B6074 - A Making History pattern.
Love this!  The jacket is so cute!

And the dress is so pretty!
Watching Sense and Sensibility recently is probably influencing that sentiment a bit.
So, there it is.  What do you all think?  Are you are board as I am?  Or am I missing something fantastic?  There are definitely some nice basic patterns that could make great wardrobe staples, but there isn't anything that feels really special.  I expect the Gertie swimsuit pattern will be quite popular, but other than that I don't see anything that is going to take Pattern Review by storm.  Feel free to discuss and disagree in the comments!

Newsflash: June Burda Preview Posted

The early preview of the June Burda has been posted on the Russian website.  After the past two months being awesome, and us heading into the summer season, I wasn't expecting too much.  And, well, most of the preview is pretty meh.  But there are a few pieces that look interesting so I am cautiously optimistic about the issue this month.  Of course, I withhold full judgement until the line drawings show up, but until then I am at least a little excited about June:

Pretty!!!  I really like the design of this dress.
In fact, it might be enough to make the whole issue worth it for me.

Despite the fact that they are super short, I really like these shorts too.
And the top isn't too bad either.

Board shorts and an exercise jacket?  Yes please!

This dress is ok - not terribly exciting, but pretty.

Basic sheath dress.  Cute, but not terribly exciting.

Another basic sheath dress.  Not enough fitting seams for me,
but I could see this being popular because it looks like a quick easy make.

A bit hard to see the knit dress at this angle, but, again,
not too exciting, but might be a popular summer make.

Not sure how I feel about this tunic blouse.
Maybe with different fabric choices I would like it better?

Hmmm... I think this looks interesting.
I don't know if I would wear it, but I can appreciate it.

Not too into that vest.  The blouse and jeans are nice though.

Could those pants be any more unflattering?

Overlong shirt sack dress.   Meh.

Hmmm... Interesting, but maybe a bit too much going on?

Not a fan of those ruffles.  Something about the proportion is off.

This Burda Plus blouse looks pretty cute!
I could see making one for my sister.

Not such a fan of those pants...
And the top might look better in a different fabric.

This beach bag is pretty cute!  And a good way to use scrap fabric.
Actually, I will probably make a British flag version for my sister.
So, what do you all think?  After an awesome April and May, is June looking like a let down?  Or is there enough here to keep everyone interested for the next month?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

*Side note - the Summer Buttericks have been posted as well.  I will do a separate post for that announcement later tonight when I have time to look through them all.*