Monday, June 30, 2014

Just in case you think I haven't been sewing...

It's been a long while since I posted any sort of finished project to the blog.  In fact, it's been a long while since I even updated my sidebar or status pages, which don't even require half as much effort as an actual post.  But, lest you think I haven't been sewing...

It looks like Mardi Gras threw up on my floor.
(FYI, I tailored two jackets out of the fabrics these came from.
And, yes, those gold pailletes are about the size of dimes.)

The waist bucket overflows...

This was the back seat of the car heading up to the regional championships.

My bed looked like this for about the first three days at the event.

I even had to bring my sewing machine along to get
everything done by the time people skated...
There may have been more than one occasion in which I fell asleep on the floor of the hotel room rather than in my bed.  So, yes, sewing, it has been happening.  Sleeping... not so much.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

(Slightly Outdated) Newsflash: New Simplicity Early Fall Patterns and Early Preview of Burda Fall/Winter Collection

So I've been busy at the regional championships for skating this past week, and so the post on these pattern releases is coming a bit late.  I have some fun sewing finds to post about, as well as some new skating costumes to show off as well, though it looks like I am going to be pretty busy until August, so I don't really know when said posts will actually materialize.  Until then I am going to try at least keep up on pattern releases and announcements though.

And sometime during the past few weeks Simplicity introduced its new pre-fall line:

S1314 - A new Cynthia Rowley.
I think it might be a bit basic/very similar to things I've gotten in Burda.
But I will say I have seen a lot of peplum tops like that popping up lately,
so I could see this turning out to be a very popular pattern.

S1315 - Blousey shirts.  Meh.

S1317 - I actually rather like this raglan sweater pattern!
Especially with the mixed fabrics on views C and D.

S1318 - I'm also rather liking this cardigan pattern,
though I already have some that are quite similar.

S1319 - I really like this vintage jacket pattern - especially view C in the front.

S1320 - I rather like this jacket pattern as well,
especially the version with the collar.

S1321 - Not sure how I feel about this skirt pattern -
the pleats might be a bit large for my taste.

S1322 - I do rather like this skirt pattern though,
especially the photographed version.

S1323 - Knit tops, pants, and infinity scarves.
I'm a bit surprised it took the Big 4 such a long time to come out with an infinity scarf pattern.

S1324 - I actually rather like this wardrobe pattern,
especially the color blocked jacket and skirt.

S1325 - I like the jackets with this pattern too!  The jumper is cute,
but I don't know if it is something I would actually wear though.

S1326 - His/hers pants.  Ugh, why???

S1327 - On the one hand, yay men's patterns!
On the other hand, why do men want to look like (a) Cowboys...

... (b) Lumberjacks...

...or (c) Fishermen?  Why can't they just look like regular guys?

S1333 - A top/legging pattern for women, girls, and dolls.
Could be good if you need lots of sizes for leggings.

S1335 - Simplicity is partnered with Ikea now?

S1338 - Ah, college themed totes.  Actually, the bags themselves look pretty functional.

S1339 - Every time technology changes size, Simplicity pops out a new pattern.

S1344 - Dolls pattern.  Sort of generic.  Meh.

S1345 - Sweetheart corsets.  I can always use another corset pattern...

S1346 - Not really impressed by the costume skirt patterns...

S1347 - Though I am going to be beating people down to get this at the next pattern sale.
Elves and dragon mothers in the same envelope?  Yes please!

S1348 - The hood on the cape pattern is just so flouncy.
This is a pass for me.

S1349 - The men's capes are way cooler, especially with the collar and yoke details.
And Burda is also giving us an early teaser of their upcoming Fall/Winter envelope pattern line, which will apparently be available starting July 14:

Nothing terribly exciting here, but these are some solid basics.

The pants have an interesting detail in the inner thigh...
I want to see the line drawings for this one.

Love this dress!  Simple, elegant, chic.

Really liking this dress too - though I might want to alter the length a bit.

Not really a fan of this gown - its a bit boring -
though I suppose it could be a good canvas for adding embellishment?

Also a bit torn on this gown - it look so rumply in this fabric,
and the proportions seem a bit off.

Another dress where I feel a bit torn.  Pretty?  Frumpy?
Perhaps it is just the fabric selection?

I am oddly enticed by this color blocked gown though.
I might change the shape of the peplum if I were to make it though.

I do like this wedding gown though - the raglan sleeves are very pretty!
So, there we have it - one new pattern announcement and one early preview.  The styles are definitely heading towards being more fall/winter (crazy because it is just starting to hit the 80s/90s/100s regularly out here), which tend to be my favorite part of the year.  There are a few of the Simplicity patterns I am interested by (though a large percentage of that is costumes), and overall I think the release wasn't too bad.  Definitely not a lot of complex patterns, but I do think the styles they did release are very on trend.  There isn't too much in the Burda preview (considering they usually release 50-70 patterns), but I am intrigued and excited to see the rest of the designs.  So, what do you all think?  Anyone super excited by the Simplicity patterns?  Or do you find them rather boring?  Anyone see anything to obsess over from the Burda preview?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Newsflash: July Burda Preview Posted

The full preview of the July issue is up on the Burda Russia site.  The past several issues have been pretty amazing - lots of good stuff in a wide variety of styles.  I was hoping that July would continue that trend, but I don't seem to be finding as much to love in this issue.  There are a few things I like, and some patterns I could see being useful in a wardrobe, but nothing that has me itching for the issue to arrive immediately.  In any case, let's take a look...

Pretty much the best stuff in this issue was the dresses...

I am liking this asymmetrical ruffle dress...

...I think mostly because it reminds me of this RTW knit top I own, which I love.
And now I can make more of them!

Also liking this tie top dress...

The high collar is a nice detail, and the sleeve shape is interesting.

It might be more versatile as a shirt, however.

Not sure how I feel about the sleeves on this gown, but I love the train.

Definitely some frankenpattern potential here.

I think I like it better as a long gown...
What can I say, I loves me some drama.

This sweetheart dress isn't too bad...
(And I like it much better in the more sophisticated fabric,
rather than the overly sweet florals in the early preview).

And pockets are always a win!

Everything else was sort of on a scale from ok to meh...

I find myself oddly drawn to this dress...

... Even though it is just a sack dress with a belt.

I find the color choices on this dress unfortunate...

... But the top does intrigue me from a construction perspective.

This color blocked dress is nice and sporty.

And I actually really like this t-shirt.
Though it does look quite low cut.

Hard to see in this photo, but this skirt has potential...

Not sure how I feel about the location of the gather on this skirt...
Perhaps there is a way to have to gather on the side?

Ok, so the early preview photo of this jacket made me think,
"Burda you cray-cray."

But this all black version actually looks kinda chic.

Clearly, fabric choice and scale of pockets do wonders for this pattern.

After all the fab shorts in June, these are a bit underwhelming.

Same goes for the pants... meh.

The pleated skirt is fine, but not overly exciting.
(Also, haven't we seen this fabric before?)

This halter dress is kinda cute.
Except maybe the giant pockets could go.

Really basic blouse... Nice use of a complex print though.

Obligatory sack dress.
Fabric choice keeps it interesting though.

Bubblegum hippie sundress... can go back to the 70s.

Oh, and it also comes in leopard.  How exciting.

The Burda Plus section had a few dresses that could be nice for summer, but also a few dresses that fall into the "meh" category...

I actually think this dress is pretty cute!
Might go in the "to make for my sister someday" pile.

The pocket seams are an interesting detail.

This is also a pretty cute summer dress.

And it also has some pockets!

This dress is rather basic, but it would be great for layering,
which could make it rather versatile and wearable year-round.

Not such a fan of this dress...
Something about the proportions and fabrication feel a bit off.
(Yes, I am aware that is is very similar to the first design.
Something about the lace overlay throws off the design for me though.)

Ummm.... Yeah.  Not such a fan, but I am thinking in different fabrics it might be ok?
Maybe?  The sweetheart seam line looks a bit low, maybe that is what is throwing me off.

This just looks like a ruffly nightgown.
Definitely could see my sister wearing it if it were cropped short though.
Might have to consider this pattern (with modifications) in the "maybe" list also.

So, um, yeah.  It was a bit difficult to pick my my best/worst patterns for the month.  Nothing was so exciting that I found an obvious winner, and nothing was so heinously crazy to grab my attention in the negative direction either.  Definitely some strange choices for fabrications, but most of the patterns themselves look salvageable.  So, what did I pick?  For July Best of BS goes to:

Tie-top knit dress!
Honestly, it was a toss up between this and the cheetah ruffle dress, but I felt like this pattern was a bit more modern and versatile - in an appropriate fabric either this dress or the shirt version of it could be work appropriate (you know, depending on where you work), but the other design is pretty much a party date dress no matter what you make it with.

As far as the worst pattern of the month, in the end I had to give BWTF for July to:

Leopard ruffle dress!
Ok, there is just too much about this dress - the boxy shape, the ruffles on the hem AND the bust, the leopard print.  It's like the 70s and 80s got together and made some crazy lovechild of a dress.  Let's just say I am not a fan... of the pattern itself or of this rendition of it.

So, what do you all think?  Am I being to harsh on this issue?  Am I missing something brilliant?  Will I ever like both June and July in the same year?  (I'm thinking no... or that if I do it will surely be a sign of the apocalypse.)  What are your favorite patterns in this issue?  Or are you ready to skip ahead to August?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!