Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I've moved sites!

I haven't disappeared, and I haven't stopped blogging!  I did take a bit of a break, and, for a variety of reasons, I have decided to change where I'm blogging.  You can now follow me at:

I plan on redirecting this website, but haven't had the time to devote to all the technical stuff as of yet.  In the meantime, I've already started posting to the new site.  If you want to, feel free to follow me there, and hopefully I can get all the other technical things handled soon!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Patterns: McCall's, Simplicity, My Image

New patterns abound!  The fall patterns are starting to show up at McCall's, Simplicity, as well as the latest My Image magazine.  Overall I have to say I'm most excited about the Simplicity releases, so let's start there:

Gotta love all the seam lines on this new Amazing Fit pattern!

Magazine Review: July Burda

The craziness of the competitive skating season is here, which means I've been doing a lot of sewing, but not a lot of posting.  There have been several pattern releases, including the July Burda, which, I have to say, is probably my favorite issue of the year so far.  And that's saying something about the excitement of the recent magazines considering that July is usually one of my least favorite issues of the year.  But, happily, there are a fair number of exciting designs this month!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cosplay by McCall's and Yaya Han Patterns

I'm sure this is old news at this point, but McCall's has a new website dedicated specifically to Cosplay.  It looks like a good place to find some of their older costume patterns, and a few new website exclusives!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Newsflash: June Burda Preview Posted

The full preview of the June Burda is up on the Russian website.  As far as magazines from this year go, I have to say that this month is possibly one of the better ones,  Which isn't saying much - it's been a pretty weak year.  But there are definitely a few more designs that I'm digging from this issue than I have from issues in the past few months.  Let's take a  look:

Newsflash: July Burda Early Preview Posted

I know - I haven't even posted the full June review yet.  It's been sitting in my Drafts folder for a while, because I've hit crunch time - I'm busy with work, sewing, and skating right now.  But it's half finished, and will be published soon, with any luck.  In the meantime, here is a quick post about next month's issue - you can see preview images on the German and Russian websites.  Overall I have to say July is not overly exciting to me - looks a bit like an extension of the June issue - but there are a few patterns I'm a bit partial towards already.  

This maxi dress looks stylish and cool for summer.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Book Review: The Sparrow

Ok, so I've gotten rather far behind in my book reviews, and I figure it's about time to get caught up.  Since it has been several months, this review won't be quite as fresh as they normally are, but an old review is better than no review.  So, the first book that my book club (Sword & Laser) chose for this year was The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.

The Sparrow can pretty much be summed up as "Jesuits in SPAAAACE!"


(We get an echo in here now.  What?)

Anyway, the premise of this story is that the human race detects a signal from a distant planet that clearly shows signs of intelligent life, and, being humans, decide they have to go stick their noses into the affairs of others.  Specifically, the Jesuits decide to make it their next great missionary project, and agree to foot the bill.  The story is set in the-not-so-distant-future of 2019-2060 (space flight, relativity, etc. accounts for the time lapse), when non-governmental space flight is possible, though still uncommon.  A bit more inventive is the type of spacecraft they use - a hollowed out asteroid.  The events in the book are not told chronologically - the story jumps between the present (2060) and the past (2019) to build up suspense as to what happened on the alien planet.  Although this is clearly a work of science fiction, the story is much more focused on the relationships of the characters rather than the technicalities of space travel.  This is most clearly evident when, upon arrival to an alien planet, it becomes incredibly apparent that none of our astronauts had ever read the works of H. G. Wells.  It's not much of a spoiler to say that things to do not end well, and the journey leaves the survivor(s) in pretty bad shape, both physically and emotionally.

The major element of this story is the characters and their relationships.  Much of the first half of the book consists of bringing the crew together and setting the stage for the sort of interpersonal drama that can only happen when you are trapped for several months inside of an asteroid traveling at light speed.  The crew consists of several Jesuit priests - Emilio Sandoz (a younger, attractive Puerto Rican who has an incredible talent and long training in learning new languages), his mentor D. W. Yarborough (compete with Texas twang), and two redshirts other priests.  It also has several non-Jesuit specialists - Anne and George (an older married couple, George was head of the program that located the original signal), Jimmy (George's employee, who actually found the signal originally), and Sofia Mendes, the requisite MPDG (an AI specialist).  One thing I appreciated about this story was that the relationships between the characters felt rather believable, and, well, adult.  I'm a big fan of many of the YA series available, but, I have to admit it was sort of refreshing to read a story where the world didn't have to be saved by a fifteen year old.  Granted, with this many characters the standard love triangle was bound to take shape, but at least it wasn't the central theme of the story.  On the other hand, while I found the relationships to be believable, the characters themselves seemed a bit over-powered.  They were all super intelligent, highly skilled, and extremely pretty.  Or they at least had enough of a personality to compensate if they fell short on that last bit.  Now, granted, if you were going to send a mission to a new planet, you would want to hire the smartest and most-skilled people you could find.  But it seemed a bit odd that these hyper-intelligent, über-humans could foul things up so incredibly poorly when they reached the alien civilization.  All of their mishaps were just believable enough that you could perhaps understand how they made their mistakes, but, honestly, they were all built up a bit too much to completely believe in their epic fall.

Overall I have to say I thought this book was ok.  The story does its best to tug at your heartstrings, repeatedly, and I have to admit that I was sort of over the tugging by the time I got to the end of the book.  Not that I'm so callus as to not have felt anything, but, well, when so many bad things happen it is a bit easy to get dulled to the pain of it all.  Suffice it to say, if you are looking for a pick-me-up sort of a book, this isn't it.  It also wasn't the sort of a book that I felt compelled to pick up while I was reading it - I sort of had to force myself to finish it in a timely manner for the book club.  The writing itself wasn't bad - it was actually quite good - I just wasn't motivated by the characters or their story.  Which is a bit funny, because several months later I can still remember many of the characters quite vividly.  I don't think my estimation of the book has grown over that time - no, I haven't come to the sudden realized that this is the best book ever - but I do remember much of the story in more detail than I had expected I would several months down the road.  So, there is that.  In summary I would have to say that if SyFy and Oxygen got together to make a TV-miniseries special, it would probably come out something like The Sparrow.  I can't really give a positive or negative recommendation - this book has things I enjoyed, and things I didn't.  It is the sort of book that I think a certain audience would really enjoy, I just don't think I'm part of that certain audience.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Newsflash: New Summer Butterick Patterns

The latest patterns from Butterick are here.  I think this collection can pretty much be summed up in two words: snooze fest.  Seriously.  It's like all the trends we've been seeing (jumpsuits, voluminous tops, culottes), only the most dull version we've had so far this season.  Overall, I'm not too impressed.  There are a few patterns that look like simple sews that would be easy to wear for summer, but overall, not too much to get excited about this time around.

B6206 - Simple maxi dress, looks like a good summer staple.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Newsflash(ish): Summer Simplicity and New Look Patterns

The latest offerings from Simplicity and New Look are here.  Overall I have to say that the designs are pretty similar to what we've seen from all the other pattern companies lately - voluminous tops, basic dresses, and lots of jumpsuits (or jumpsuit-looking-separates).  Nothing I'm super excited about (except maybe some of the costumes), but enough here that I might pick a few up at the next pattern sale...

S1114 - Jumpsuits everywhere!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Newsflash: June Burda Early Preview Posted

The first look at the June issue is up on the German website.  At first glance I am torn between being cautiously optimistic and not excited at all.  There are a few things that pique my interest, but, honestly, I think there are a lot of things that Burda has done better in past issues.  Definitely going to have to wait for a full preview to make an assessment of this one...

Jumpsuit - the hot pattern style of the season.
I'm actually sort of liking this one.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Burda Diana Modem and I Need to Learn Russian!

So, in my perusing of the Russian Burda Website I Happened across this Page Advertising the new Burda Diana Modem . I am not exactly sure what this magazine is - when did Burda get another offshoot? The translated description of the new magazine advertisement is:
Otprintovannye chic and plain Fabrics: cotton batiste, Jacquard, silk satin, twill stretch of High-tech materials: Textile leather, with silver svetshirt gloss and so on. - The first thing you Notice, But ITS worth not only Them. Simple Blouse- top with V-Neck A Short complemented by ZIP polo and General Drawstring Under the Gum on the bottom. Jacket with zipper Round Neck, "Stretched" in width, beveled Edge sleeves and hem and pockets Patch, A cut line, respectively the Lower Edge. A simple midi sundress with spaghetti straps on the Upper Edge Laid inverted pleats, and in the Side seams - pockets. Cropped pants with belt Wide-Shaped STRAP, providing elegant Landing on Figure A, complemented by Slightly sloping pockets in the frame and Short cuts Along the Side seams of trousers. Wide lace Dress with two seams and cut Short sleeves Single Combines perfectly body-Fitting Dress is put on the straps as cover. even beginners CAN sew Easy to Update your wardrobe with Fashionable novelties. The Magazine goes on sale May 7th.
Not that I need another sewing magazine subscription, but some of these designs do not seem too bad!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Newsflash: Summer McCall's Announced

The new McCall's summer patterns can be seen here.  I have to admit - I'm actually really excited about this collection.  Perhaps it is because I saw this collection at 3am after a week of low levels of sleep, but even though there are a lot of simple silhouettes in this collection I'm still wanting to dole out a lump of cash to add too many of these to my stash.  To be fair there are a lot of patterns in this collection that are sort of dull (and there are a lot of kids patterns, which I don't concern myself with overly much), but there are enough cool things to keep me interested too, which hasn't been the case for many pattern releases this year so far.

In any case, let's take a look:

M7167 - Jumpsuit with cup sizing.  I'm actually rather liking this one.

Newsflash: May Burda Preview Posted

The latest issue of Burda is available for preview here.  Normally May is the fun summer dress issue.  While there are certainly a lot of dresses this year, I can't say I'm as excited about this month as I have been in previous years.  Although I will say there are a few more designs I'm interested in than I've seen in previous issues from this year.  So, maybe this is the start of a Burda upswing?  Or at least a bit less of the overwhelming meh-ness we've had so far this year.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Newsflash: Summer Vogue Patterns

The string of new pattern releases continues - the new summer Vogue patterns can be seen here. Overall I have to say I'm not really loving this year's patterns - everything has gone to much simpler and more voluminous styles; not really my favorite flavor of ice cream.  Usually the designer Vogue patterns have some interesting details that I gravitate towards, but I'm not really finding much that I love this time around.  The one pattern I'm really liking from this release is a Rebecca Taylor design:

V1446 - Rebecca Taylor.  Love the neckline, the pockets, the silhouette.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Newsflash: Assorted Pattern News

This past week saw several new pattern announcements, including the May Burda Early Preview, spring Kwik Sew patterns, and spring Marfy releases.

May Burda Early Preview

The May Burda is typically the spring-summer transition dress issue, and as such is typically one of my favorite issues of the year.  This year's magazine looks to be a bit fixated on ruffles - not my favorite adornment - and I'm having mixed feelings over the early preview images.  However, the more complete preview on P-an-da is giving me a bit more confidence in this issue, so I'm a bit more excited for May than I originally thought I would be.

Burda is convincing me to join team ruffle with all the pretty!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Newsflash: Burda Easy Spring/Summer 2015

The full preview of the Spring/Summer 2015 Burda Easy magazine is up on the Russian website.  Although I don't think this is a must-buy issue, there are a couple of patterns that might be fun to sew.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Newsflash: April Burda Preview Posted

The full preview of the April 2015 BurdaStyle Magazine is now up on the Russian website.  Although I wasn't overly excited by the early preview, I have to grudgingly admit there may be a few designs that are sort of interesting this time around.  Not a lot, but enough that I'm at least thinking about adding a few of these designs to my ever-growing and never-shrinking "plan to make" list.  In any case, let's take a look at this month's offerings:

Monday, March 9, 2015

Captain America: Winter PJs

This project was finished a while ago, but I haven't had much time to do a write-up post.  And since it was commissioned as a gift I wanted to make sure there was plenty of time between the delivery and posting to avoid spoilers.  I haven't really heard how well the gift went over... It's been a crazy few months so far this year.  I think these PJs turned out pretty cute in any case - especially considering I made them as a garment copy, without a pattern or instructions, and sort of made things up as I went along.

Cap PJs!  The fabric is from Michael Levine in LA,
and the patch was bought on Etsy.

I made special effort to match the plaid on the side seams.

And plaid matching on the bum.  I've been watching the
third season of The Great British Sewing Bee, and, while
there are many, many other issues they could pick on,
I think even Patrick would be pleased with my plaid matching here.

I even added pockets, because pockets are awesome.

A button fly, which, I will point out, I've never made before,
and I made up my procedure as I went along.  So I was
pretty happy when it turned out somewhat functional.

And that's about it as far as this project goes.  It was a bit slapdash, but, I think it turned out ok in the end.

On a slightly related, but somewhat meandering tangent - I feel as though I've been neglecting the blog a bit.  I'm behind on writing up my book reviews, and I am itching to actually post more sewing related posts to my sewing blog (I know, what a concept).  But most (all) of my sewing right now is commission work, and I don't typically post that here.  I just finished a skating costume that required the application of over 5,000 individual rhinestones.  It took forever, but I was quite pleased with the result (and so was my client), so I suppose all is well in the end?  In any case, I've been sewing, but this is the only project that I've felt comfortable posting about in quite a while.  That combined with work, skating, and the online #WhoClass I'm taking, not to mention general life stuff of eating and sleeping, has made me a bit less active on the blog.  With the skating season ramping up, things are likely to only get more hectic over the next few months, so I don't expect to be posting as much as I would like.  I'm back at the point where I am just trying to get through August.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Newsflash: Burda Easy Spring/Summer Early Preview Posted

The first look at the Spring/Summer 2015 Burda Easy magazine has been posted on both the German and Russian websites.  So far this is impressing me about as much as the rest of the Burda issues thus far this year - which is to say, not much.  Of course, I'm waiting to see the the full preview with line drawings and all, but, so far I'm not overly excited by this issue.  I guess after the fabulousness that was the Fall/Winter edition from last year I was hoping for a bit more.  Anyway, here's the first look:

Possibly cute cardigan?  I hope we get that pattern.  Skirt is ok, but plain.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Newsflash: April Burda Early Preview and Burda Plus Spring/Summer Full Preview Posted

The Russian Burda website is on top of it - the April preview is posted here, and the full preview of the Spring/Summer Burda Plus is here.  I have to say, the early preview for April wasn't too inspiring.  I went to P-an-da in the hope that there might be more to get excited about, but, sadly, there doesn't seem to be too much going on in the April issue.

Starting April off right - what is with that collar?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Newsflash: New McCall's Patterns

The latest spring collection of McCall's patterns is up on on the BMV website.  Overall, not super impressed by this collection.  A lot of voluminous designs, and simple silhouettes.  A few interesting styles, but, mostly a lot of misses for me.  Let's take a look:

M7121 - Simple design, but makes effective use of the stripes for a chevron effect.
It looks like the sort of pattern that would be easy to put together, but fun to wear.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nerd Rage: Wheel of Time TV Pilot Rant

In case any non-fantasy fans have been living under a rock the past few weeks, there is a lot of hullabaloo surrounding the Wheel of Time TV "pilot" produced by Red Eagle Entertainment that "aired" during a paid infomercial time-slot at 1:30am on FXX.  The Wertzone has a fairly succinct account of the affair, and the following lawsuit filed by Red Eagle, directed at Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan's widow and head of the Bandersnatch Group (Jordan's estate).  I've been following this affair on Twitter and in the online media since it broke.  I've been somewhat vocal about it on Twitter, but mostly stayed out of the discussion on the news articles.  A lot of the comments have directed their displeasure towards Harriet, accusing her of being a greedy widow riding out her husband's legacy.  First things first.  Harriet is not simply his widow, she was also his editor.  Some of the greatest and most important moments of the books are due to her genius as well.  She worked to get the series completed after Jordan (real name: James Rigney) passed away.  She is still working to produce a massive Wheel of Time encyclopedia, due out this November.  She has in no sense simply been living off of her husband's work - it is very much her work as well.  So, as I may have mentioned in a text message, "reading online comments about how Harriet is a greedy woman using her husband’s genius to extort money from this poor production company is drivel I cannot abide."  Despite this I restrained myself and kept off the forums.  However, when my Goodreads group had a thread going I couldn't restrain myself and had to jump in.  What was supposed to be a short comment became something of an epic rant.  I decided I might as well re-post it here, because if it is important enough for me to write a several-thousand word rant, then it is important enough for me to share with a wider audience.

Reposted from Goodreads:
I think if this pilot were the first transgression again the Wheel of Time fans it wouldn't have caused (quite as much) of an uproar. Unfortunately, Red Eagle Entertainment has been screwing us over for the better part of the last decade. This is the straw that broke the fandom's back. The fact that one of RJ's final blog posts pretty much called out the company for a total lack of respect didn't help our opinions, to be sure, but we were already pretty dissatisfied with them before he passed away.  

Back in 2004(-ish - I still had to negotiate with my parents for use of the phone line to get internet connection, so the dates may be slightly off), The Wheel of Time rights were bought by a little company called Red Eagle Entertainment. Red Eagle was (supposedly) started by "fans" of the series who wanted to see it expand into other formats. The name "Red Eagle" is in reference to the Red Eagle of Manetheren, a city of historical importance in the book series, so of course the fandom totally jumped on board to support their endeavors. At the time (long before Legend of the Seeker or Game of Thrones made it to TV, just after Lord of the Rings did so well at box office), this was big and exciting news, because there weren't many (any?) other epic fantasy series at the time that had made big announcements about this sort of multi-media potential.  

The first expansion into another medium was supposed to be the comic book adaptation of New Spring, the Wheel of Time prequel novel. The comic books were to be produced by Dabel Brothers, and, I have to admit the artwork was quite spectacular. Everything was quite detailed and precise. Of course, the fact that RJ was still around to give his input at the time was an important factor as well. In any case, the quality of the comics was high, but the production rate was abysmally slow. So slow, in fact, that they sort of stopped production after 5 of a promised 8 issues. A lot of people (myself included) had pre-ordered the comics, but never received the final 3 issues. In fact, I was given no notice that the production had stopped. I wasn't aware (until a few years later) that the story had been completed by a different team of artists (with noticeably poorer quality) and bound into a complete graphic novel.  

By that point Red Eagle was promising the moon in terms of upcoming plans - tv shows, movies, video and computer games. We'd all watched them crash and burn at managing the production of comic books, so we were left scratching our collective heads at how they'd manage to pull off a more complicated and costly production. We watched them spectacularly fail to produce content over the next several years, still peeved over their disregard of the fans who supported their early endeavors, and never quite getting over the disrespect they showed towards RJ. We had almost been lulled into a false sense of security, having not heard much from them over the past few years (their website hasn't changed since 2005). And then there was this debacle.  

It has been essentially confirmed that the pilot was thrown together in approximately one week. The quality is pretty horrendous; RJ is is probably still spinning in his grave. While I don't know any of the specific details about who has how much creative power with what rights regarding the film deal, I can't imagine RJ selling them without having some sort of clause about maintaining some sort of creative input at the time. Does Red Eagle have some sort of legal claim and right to protect their property? Possibly. Does Harriet have a right to declare her displeasure at this occurrence? Also possible.  

Regardless, the fan rage isn't entirely about the shady circumstances surrounding a crappy television pilot. It is about a decade-long string of empty promises and disrespect to the creators of a series we have grown to love. It is about a company continually asking for the fan's monetary support while failing to produce content and making it quite clear they have little to no regard for the fans themselves. We have been putting up with this nonsense for over almost a decade and we just can't take it anymore. Regardless of how the legal battle shakes out this entire situation is frustrating, depressing, and infuriating. Red Eagle had the fan's trust and support once upon a time, but they have repeatedly betrayed that trust, and lost our support long ago. The pilot and subsequent announcement of the lawsuit has released epic levels of nerd rage for sure, but it has been long-pent up and much repressed. I am, of course, very interested to see how the legal issues resolve, but the outcome won't change my opinion of Red Eagle or anything they become involved in. They've let too many chances go to waste. They don't need anymore. 

 So, yes, right, wrong, or otherwise I have definitely chosen a side.  It will probably lead to disappointment and tears, but I've been reading this series a long time, and I'm too emotionally invested to pretend otherwise.  My sword is out and its hilt is wrapped in red cloth.  Tai'shar Harriet!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Newsflash: New Simplicity Patterns

The latest Simplicity patterns can be seen on their website.  Between the Vintage reprints and the new designer patterns, it is actually a fairly interesting release.  There are a lot of basic looks and crafty items, but the other designs more than make up for it.

S1155 - Love this vintage reprint.

Newsflash: Spring New Look Patterns

The new New Look patterns are up on the Simplicity website.  Overall I have to admit it is not the most exciting release.  It seems like many of these patterns are pretty basic and fairly similar to previous pattern releases.  Let's take a look:

NL 6341 - Probably the cutest/most interesting design in this release.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Newsflash: Burda Plus Spring/Summer Early Preview

The German and Russian Burda sites have both posted early preview pictures of the Burda Plus for Spring/Summer 2015.  Most of the images are clear re-prints from many previous year's issues.  There are a few new photos, but the patterns might be repeats.  In any case, I don't think I will be needing this issue, as I have a fairly complete Burda collection, at least from the past few years, but for those who only use Burda Plus, it looks like they made some nice pattern selections this time around.

Really like this printed blazer.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Newsflash: March Burda Full Preview

The full preview of the March issue is up on the Russian Burda website, and a fun promo video is up on the German site.  I have to admit that I wasn't overly excited by the early preview photos, but I'm actually pretty excited for this issue now that I've seen previews for the whole thing.  Although there is a lot of meh pieces, there are a few designs I'm super excited about too.  At least, more excited about than January or February of this year.  So, let's take a look:

Firstly, despite the fact that this is the wedding issue, I'm all about the suits, separates, casual looks this time around.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Newsflash(ish): New Butterick Patterns

Ok, somehow, despite being on the mailing list AND obsessively checking the Butterick website, I managed to totally miss when the new Butterick patterns came out a few weeks ago.  Work's been more than a bit crazy of late, what can I say?  Anyway, looking through this collection, it seems that I haven't missed out on much.  There are a few cute dress patterns, but, on the whole, this is possibly one of the dullest collections that we've gotten from BMV in quite a while.  Let's take a look:

B6168 - A Lisette pattern.  I think this dress is pretty cute!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Newsflash: March BurdaStyle Early Preview Posted

The early preview of the March issue of BurdaStyle Magazine is up on the German website.  Overall I have to say I'm a bit... lukewarm over what I'm seeing so far.  There is some good, some odd, and some boring.  Definitely going to have to wait for the full preview before making a call on this one.  Anyway, let's take a look:

The wedding dress is rather pretty!
The bridesmaid dress is a bit on the matronly side.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns Announced

The Vogue Spring collection is here!  I'm actually finding quite a few patterns that have interesting seam details and really flattering shapes.  There are also a lot of simple basics with nice details, so, a lot of great pieces that could be very practical for use in a wardrobe.

Love the seam details on the back!
These sorts of subtle goodies are peppered throughout this collection.
Let's take a look!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Newsflash: Burda Spring/Summer Catalog Patterns Announced

The German Burda website has the catalog preview for the Spring/Summer envelope patterns up on their website.  You can look at the full catalog, starting with the newest patterns here.  Overall I have to say there are some cute patterns, but also a lot of rather generic basics.  Basics are good for wardrobe purposes, but not overly interesting to discuss.  In any case, let's take a look at the new collection:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Newflash: February Burda Preview Posted

The full February preview of BurdaStyle Magazine is up at the Russian website.  You can also see a video sneak peak on the German site.  Based on the early images, I wasn't too excited for this edition, but I was hoping that line drawings and garment photos would convince me otherwise.  I have to admit, there look to be a few gems in this issue, but, overall, I think there are just too many pieces with too much volume, and not a ton of variety.  But, in any case, let's take a look...

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holiday Gift "Sewing"

These are really more what I would consider to be hand-made crafts, rather than actual sewing, though I did use my sewing machine a bit.  I also used Heat-n-Bond fusible web, and the internet to find images to use as the patterns.  Oh, and fleece.  Lots and lots of fleece.

Rainbow stack of fleece!

Green Lantern emotional spectrum scarves!

Violet: Love, Indigo: Empathy, Blue: Hope

White: Life, Green: Willpower, Black: Death

Yellow: Fear, Orange: Avarice, Red: Rage

Each scarf was completed with fringed ends.
I also made a few collegiate scarves for family members who wanted to sport their school colors.

Alphabet soup!  Oh, and a horse.
So, not much sewing got done during the holidays.  But, at least a little got done.  Enough for some simple gift sewing anyway.  And now I actually have a lot of ideas for appliqué scarves that I want to make for myself, though I don't know that I will have much time to make them, since it is time for hard core skating sewing to start up again.  But these don't take much time to make, so, well, maybe I will be able to find the time to make at least a little something for myself before I get overly busy again!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Simplicity Patterns and February Burda Early Preview

I don't know how I missed it, but the latest Simplicity releases came out sometime in the past few weeks.  Overall I'm not too inspired by the latest collection, though there are a few cute dress patterns, and a really fun doll's pattern for Disney fans.

S1194 - I know it's a basic dress, but I really like this 50s reprint pattern.
I really enjoy seeing the original art on the package as well.