Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Newsflash: Spring/Summer 2015 My Image Magazine

I've been buying My Image Magazine since they first came out in late 2010, and I've been quite pleased with the few patterns I've sewn up so far.  (Really must sew more from them!)  So, usually, when a new magazine is announced I jump on it right away.  However, I'm a little bit... less than inspired by the latest release of the magazine.  Normally there is a nice collection of practical clothes with some fun details sewn up in some crazy print fabrics.  And, well, the practical clothes and crazy prints haven't changed, but for me this issue definitely feels like it is lacking in the "fun details" aspect.

All of the line drawings look pretty basic or very similar to past designs.

I do actually rather like the shorts though.

I like the way the coat looks on the model, but the line drawing is rather dull.
Might be a good pattern for a busy fabric though.

I really like the jacket/skirt combo on the right, but mainly due to fabric choices.

I also like the blue dress quite a bit, but, again, very similar to past designs.

It looks like we might be getting more detailed instructions than in past issues though.
It is definitely a positive selling point!
Is it just me, or does this issue feel somewhat... uninspired?  I'm liking some of the other changes I'm seeing (more interesting photos, more detailed instructions), but I'm just not excited by the actual patterns.  Anyone else feeling the same?  Or am I missing how versatile this pieces will be in a spring/summer wardrobe?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

Newsflash: January Burda Early Preview Posted

Hard to believe we haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet here in the states, and we are already getting a glimpse of Burda's first issue for next year.  (I know, I know, technically it comes out mid-December, but, still, first issue of 2015).  January is usually the issue of crazy carnival get-ups and what can sometimes feel like a hodge-podge of leftover winter designs.  I'm not quite sure what I'm feeling after seeing the early preview this month - lots of coats and winter-wear, quite a few maternity looks, but no carnival preview?  Hmmmm...

Love the graphic black/white and classic lines on this coat.

This ruffly dress might be a bit sweet for me.

The the drape really that long?
It's dramatic, but not entirely practical.
Otherwise really loving that top.  The shorts are ok too.

Hmmm, not sure how I'm feeling about the bulky poncho thing,
but I'm intrigued by the skirt.

70s-ified ruffle dress.  Still not totally loving this look.

This jacket/leggings combo is interesting.  Not sure I'm
in love with the color combo/fabric choices, but I am
intrigued by the style lines.

Blouse/leggings.  Not overly exciting, but very practical.

I want a close-up on the jacket!  So hard to see details here.

Are those... fringe shorts?
Now I'm... sort of obsessing over fringe shorts.

Awkward hand placement to indicate that, yes! this is a maternity dress.
Actually, without the sleeve ruffles, the top might not be too bad...

Color choice is just a little too close to hospital gown.

Ok, this seems cute, practical, and simple to make.

Simple asymmetric tunic top.
Might look cute layered under a cropped moto-jacket.

Fabulously dramatic winter coat.  Are there sequin appliques on there?
I'm loving all of the Burda coats with embellishment lately.

One word: marshmallow. 
No carnival costumes?  But, but but... I want to see the crazy!  P-an-da posted some additional photos up on her blog (have to admit, I'm way more excited about this issue after seeing some of those images), but no carnival costumes there either.  Well, except for the back-of-the-magazine preview image at the very end - we see a child dressed as a box of french fries.  Hmmm.  Hmmmm.  Does this mean the crazy-sauce costumes are only for kids this year?  I hope not.  Not that I've ever actually sewn a Burda costume (yet... pretty sure it's coming one of these days), but the carnival section is just one of those things that starts the year off right.  I mean, I'm happy to see them having a maternity section and all, BUT it would be a little sad if it is a trade-off for the crazy carnival looks we normally get.  I suppose time will tell.  Anyway, what do you all think?  See anything that has you drooling?  Or does this issue look like a total snooze?  Would you be sad if we didn't get a bunch of crazy carnival looks?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Newsflash: Butterick Winter Patterns Are Here

The Holiday/Winter Collection of Butterick patterns has been announced.  When I first looked at the overview photos I wasn't too impressed.  I thought a lot of the designs looked like some pretty typical boxy oversized winter faire, or like the typical simple holiday dress patterns.  But, actually, after looking at the line drawings and additional garment images I actually found quite a bit to like.  There are some nice details and interesting designs hidden in among some of the more generic options.  Let's take a look...

Being the holidays there are a lot of party-worthy dresses in this release:

B6146 - A Connie Crawford gown.  Comes in miss and women's sizes,
also has a variation with sleeves. I like the simple lines and neckline. 

B6127 - At first I thought this was a dress/jacket combo, but actually it's just a dress.
Love the neckline, and the possible fabric combinations could be very interesting.

Love the seam details in the line drawing.  Looks very sharp.

B6124 - I wasn't too impressed at first, but I do like the sleeve detail here.
Also, pockets are nice.  I think the other versions with a
higher neckline might be more wearable though.

Views C and D might be more versatile in a wardrobe.

B6130 - I normally don't care much for a jumpsuit, but I like the lines here.
The fact that the rest of the options are for dresses doesn't hurt either.

The bodice is quite pretty for the dresses and the jumpsuit.

B6131 - A/B/C/D Cup sized dress with scarf detail.
We've seen a lot of these in the past, but this pattern could be really nice if you find
yourself needing to whip up a bunch of bridesmaid dresses.
(Which, I'm not, so don't get excited.  I'm just saying... Could be useful, especially with the sizing options).

B6128 - Love this wrap dress - looks like such a useful wardrobe staple.
There are also a lot of coats and jackets in this release:

B6143 - I wasn't too excited by the garment photo here, but then I saw the line drawing...

View D shall be mine!  (Also maybe view C.  And view B, in a different color...)

B6140 - Another jacket pattern where I was on the fence at first, but the line drawings sold me again.

Loving view D here too!  And view B.
I have a thing for long dramatic coats.

B6141 - A coat/jacket pattern with pleated detail.

I tend to prefer a more fitted jacket, but I do rather like the drawing of the longer variation here.

B6139 - Basic jacket/vest pattern with cup sizing.  It's fine, but basic.

B6142 - A Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern.
I think the individual pieces are ok, but not sure how I feel about them together?

Also comes with a vest and dress option.

B6120 - A See & Sew basic jacket pattern.  Simple, clean lines.

B6119 - Another basic See & Sew jacket pattern.
There are some cute tops in this release:

Love the lines of this fitted woven blouse.

I actually really like all the views!

B6133 - A nice variation on a button down blouse.

The gathering in the back is an interesting detail.
I feel like it might look better in real life than it does in the drawing.

B6132 - A Fast & Easy Knit top.  Looks like the perfect cozy quick sew for winter.

I actually like all the options here as well.  This one is on my list.

B6136 - A Kathrine Tilton pattern.  I'm actually really digging this one.
It is the perfect balance between voluminous and fitted -
not my typical style, but I'm sort of wanting to try it out.

B6138 - Another Katerine Tilton top.  This one has a bit much going on for me,
but I do rather like the collar.

You can see all the details better in the line drawing.

B6135 - A Fast & Easy pattern.  Looks like a LOT to fabric.
Might be nice for cuddling under the blankets at home.

B6147 - Boxy tunic top.  Meh.

B6144 - A Fast & Easy pattern.  Looks sort of like PJs in this fabric choice.

B6117 - A See & Sew pattern.  The tucks at the top are a nice detail.

B6118 - Another See & Sew top pattern.  I like the collar on this one.
There are also a few other assorted new styles:

B6152 - Robe/nightgown pattern set.  Has a slightly vintage feel to it.

B6145 - Basic PJs.

B6137 - A Fast & Easy pants pattern.  Could see this made up in a lot of different fabrics.

B6151 - A Waverly corset pattern.

B6149 - A Retro Butterick Doll's pattern.  Cute!

B6150 - Another cute Retro doll's pattern.

B6122 - A See & Sew doll's pattern.  Looks fairly basic -
might be a good holiday gift for a young-un interested in learning to sew.

B6148 - A Waverly tote bag pattern.

B6121 - A See & Sew tote/backpack bag pattern.
So there it is!  I don't think there are many really exciting pattern in this release, but there are definitely some nice details and a few hidden gems scattered throughout.  I'm actually a bit surprised how many I'm adding to my wish list (some for gift sewing, to be fair), even though I'm not really feeling overly excited by this collection as a whole.  I'm wondering if it is because I'm finding myself responding to many of the un-photographed variations this time around.  So, what do you all think?  Anything worth getting excited about here?  Or is this a pretty dull release?  Am I the only one who is really like a lot of the "view D" options rather than the photographed views?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!