2012 Sewing Challenge

For 2012 I have decided to give myself a more purposeful sewing plan and hence created the Tim Gunn 10 Essential Items Sewing Challenge!  I have based my sewing goals on creating a wardrobe that Tim Gunn would approve of, along with filling a few of the other holes in my closet with Bonus items.  In addition, since this is a sewing challenge, I am trying to use patterns from as many different companies as possible in creating my wardrobe.  My ultimate goal is to complete at least 12 garments listed in this challenge by the end of 2012.

The Ten Essential Items to Make:
1. Basic Black Dress (BS-07-2011-131)
2. Trench Coat in a Neutral Color (BWOF-09-2006-103)
3. Classic Trousers (BS-10-2011-127)
4. Button Down Shirt (BWOF-07-2007-106A)
5. Jeans (J2908)
6. Any Occasion Top (M6078 B)
7. Skirt (BWOF-02-2005-128)
8. Day Dress (S2369 view A)
9. Jacket/Blazer (BS-07-2011-119)
10. Sweatsuit Alternative (BS-06-2011-114 + S2369)

Bonus Items to Make:
1. Raincoat (BD7360)
2. Wool Coat (B5685)
3. RTW Knockoff (BS-11-2012-118)
4. Fancy Party Dress (P-295-36)
5. "Unexpected" Trendy Item (PE-10-40)
6. An item from my "Sewing Plans" Sidebar List (MI-M1003)

Patterns to Use:
Burda Envelope
BurdaStyle Magazine (BWOF)
My Image

Essential Items Completed:

Bonus Items Completed:
New Patterns Used:
BurdaStyle Magazine (10-2011-127)
Butterick (5685)
Jalie (2802)
My Image (M1003)
Patrones (PE-10-40)
Simplicity (2369)
Vogue (1250)

Year End Conclusions:
In the end I fell a bit short of my overall goal of 12 completed items...  But I am happy with the garments I did create!  Life got a bit hectic and I wasn't able to complete the challenge as I would have wanted, but I did start planning items to be sewn as part of a wardrobe, instead of just making a bunch of assorted random things as suited my fancy.  This is something I hope to continue in my future sewing plans, and so I am going to call this challenge an overall success!