Saturday, April 25, 2015

Burda Diana Modem and I Need to Learn Russian!

So, in my perusing of the Russian Burda Website I Happened across this Page Advertising the new Burda Diana Modem . I am not exactly sure what this magazine is - when did Burda get another offshoot? The translated description of the new magazine advertisement is:
Otprintovannye chic and plain Fabrics: cotton batiste, Jacquard, silk satin, twill stretch of High-tech materials: Textile leather, with silver svetshirt gloss and so on. - The first thing you Notice, But ITS worth not only Them. Simple Blouse- top with V-Neck A Short complemented by ZIP polo and General Drawstring Under the Gum on the bottom. Jacket with zipper Round Neck, "Stretched" in width, beveled Edge sleeves and hem and pockets Patch, A cut line, respectively the Lower Edge. A simple midi sundress with spaghetti straps on the Upper Edge Laid inverted pleats, and in the Side seams - pockets. Cropped pants with belt Wide-Shaped STRAP, providing elegant Landing on Figure A, complemented by Slightly sloping pockets in the frame and Short cuts Along the Side seams of trousers. Wide lace Dress with two seams and cut Short sleeves Single Combines perfectly body-Fitting Dress is put on the straps as cover. even beginners CAN sew Easy to Update your wardrobe with Fashionable novelties. The Magazine goes on sale May 7th.
Not that I need another sewing magazine subscription, but some of these designs do not seem too bad!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Newsflash: Summer McCall's Announced

The new McCall's summer patterns can be seen here.  I have to admit - I'm actually really excited about this collection.  Perhaps it is because I saw this collection at 3am after a week of low levels of sleep, but even though there are a lot of simple silhouettes in this collection I'm still wanting to dole out a lump of cash to add too many of these to my stash.  To be fair there are a lot of patterns in this collection that are sort of dull (and there are a lot of kids patterns, which I don't concern myself with overly much), but there are enough cool things to keep me interested too, which hasn't been the case for many pattern releases this year so far.

In any case, let's take a look:

M7167 - Jumpsuit with cup sizing.  I'm actually rather liking this one.

Newsflash: May Burda Preview Posted

The latest issue of Burda is available for preview here.  Normally May is the fun summer dress issue.  While there are certainly a lot of dresses this year, I can't say I'm as excited about this month as I have been in previous years.  Although I will say there are a few more designs I'm interested in than I've seen in previous issues from this year.  So, maybe this is the start of a Burda upswing?  Or at least a bit less of the overwhelming meh-ness we've had so far this year.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Newsflash: Summer Vogue Patterns

The string of new pattern releases continues - the new summer Vogue patterns can be seen here. Overall I have to say I'm not really loving this year's patterns - everything has gone to much simpler and more voluminous styles; not really my favorite flavor of ice cream.  Usually the designer Vogue patterns have some interesting details that I gravitate towards, but I'm not really finding much that I love this time around.  The one pattern I'm really liking from this release is a Rebecca Taylor design:

V1446 - Rebecca Taylor.  Love the neckline, the pockets, the silhouette.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Newsflash: Assorted Pattern News

This past week saw several new pattern announcements, including the May Burda Early Preview, spring Kwik Sew patterns, and spring Marfy releases.

May Burda Early Preview

The May Burda is typically the spring-summer transition dress issue, and as such is typically one of my favorite issues of the year.  This year's magazine looks to be a bit fixated on ruffles - not my favorite adornment - and I'm having mixed feelings over the early preview images.  However, the more complete preview on P-an-da is giving me a bit more confidence in this issue, so I'm a bit more excited for May than I originally thought I would be.

Burda is convincing me to join team ruffle with all the pretty!