Saturday, April 25, 2015

Burda Diana Modem and I Need to Learn Russian!

So, in my perusing of the Russian Burda Website I Happened across this Page Advertising the new Burda Diana Modem . I am not exactly sure what this magazine is - when did Burda get another offshoot? The translated description of the new magazine advertisement is:
Otprintovannye chic and plain Fabrics: cotton batiste, Jacquard, silk satin, twill stretch of High-tech materials: Textile leather, with silver svetshirt gloss and so on. - The first thing you Notice, But ITS worth not only Them. Simple Blouse- top with V-Neck A Short complemented by ZIP polo and General Drawstring Under the Gum on the bottom. Jacket with zipper Round Neck, "Stretched" in width, beveled Edge sleeves and hem and pockets Patch, A cut line, respectively the Lower Edge. A simple midi sundress with spaghetti straps on the Upper Edge Laid inverted pleats, and in the Side seams - pockets. Cropped pants with belt Wide-Shaped STRAP, providing elegant Landing on Figure A, complemented by Slightly sloping pockets in the frame and Short cuts Along the Side seams of trousers. Wide lace Dress with two seams and cut Short sleeves Single Combines perfectly body-Fitting Dress is put on the straps as cover. even beginners CAN sew Easy to Update your wardrobe with Fashionable novelties. The Magazine goes on sale May 7th.
Not that I need another sewing magazine subscription, but some of these designs do not seem too bad!

Furthering the Plot, the March Issue A has full page, and one of the commenters States:

I recently really like Diana Moden, I am fond of this magazine more than 10 years, and the Styles are very good, All sewn Quickly and Easily. I try not to miss A Single Magazine.

Hmmmmm .... Anyone know anything else about this magazine? Is it like Modellina, where it is printed under different names in different languages? Is there a US-available version? Any insight would be great!

In other news, the Russian Burda website is also doing video tutorials:

The quality seems really high, and it is awesome that they are free! Unfortunately, I will have to do some brushing up on my Russian...


  1. Diana Moden is German magazine, pretty old one. In Europe you can find it in Austria, Italy too(as I remember).
    In Russia other publishing house(not Burda) was translating it for long time, maybe something changes, I don't know.

    1. One more link

  2. My German friend (here in Australia) has given me some of these Diana Moden years ago so it's not new. Seem to be more simple designs but very practical. I haven't made any yet. She also gave me a Simplicity magazine with Simplicity patterns in it.

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