Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holiday Gift "Sewing"

These are really more what I would consider to be hand-made crafts, rather than actual sewing, though I did use my sewing machine a bit.  I also used Heat-n-Bond fusible web, and the internet to find images to use as the patterns.  Oh, and fleece.  Lots and lots of fleece.

Rainbow stack of fleece!

Green Lantern emotional spectrum scarves!

Violet: Love, Indigo: Empathy, Blue: Hope

White: Life, Green: Willpower, Black: Death

Yellow: Fear, Orange: Avarice, Red: Rage

Each scarf was completed with fringed ends.
I also made a few collegiate scarves for family members who wanted to sport their school colors.

Alphabet soup!  Oh, and a horse.
So, not much sewing got done during the holidays.  But, at least a little got done.  Enough for some simple gift sewing anyway.  And now I actually have a lot of ideas for appliqué scarves that I want to make for myself, though I don't know that I will have much time to make them, since it is time for hard core skating sewing to start up again.  But these don't take much time to make, so, well, maybe I will be able to find the time to make at least a little something for myself before I get overly busy again!


  1. I saw your name and had to scroll back up to make sure I was in the right place! New blog layout?

    Cute scarves!!

    1. Yeah, I was getting a bit tired of the old one and have wanted to update it for the past few months. I started playing around with things on a whim and decided I liked this style better. Still have a few things I want to update, but overall I'm pretty happy with how it looks now.

      Also, thanks!

  2. i LOVE this idea. fun and easy! what about ones with the WoT chapter icons? :-) time to roll the dice, ms. sedai!

    1. That was actually my next idea - I wanted to do the 7 Ajah colors for the Aes Sedai, and maybe a striped scarf for the Amyrlin too!

  3. Cool scarves. Liking the new layout too.