Saturday, February 7, 2015

Newsflash(ish): New Butterick Patterns

Ok, somehow, despite being on the mailing list AND obsessively checking the Butterick website, I managed to totally miss when the new Butterick patterns came out a few weeks ago.  Work's been more than a bit crazy of late, what can I say?  Anyway, looking through this collection, it seems that I haven't missed out on much.  There are a few cute dress patterns, but, on the whole, this is possibly one of the dullest collections that we've gotten from BMV in quite a while.  Let's take a look:

B6168 - A Lisette pattern.  I think this dress is pretty cute!

B6169 - Lisette.  The jacket looks pretty cool.
Actually, is anyone else getting a modernized Downton Abbey vibe here?

The dress... kind of meh.  

B6182 - Lisette.  Sort of meh on the boxy shirt.
The skirt looks a lot like a recent Burda offering.

B6183 - Lisette.  I feel like this is a perfectly fine outfit, but not much interesting detail

B6167 - Patterns by Gertie with cup sizing.  Normally I love the Gertie patterns,
but not so much this time.  Imagining that top on my bust... yeesh.
I think this dress could be rather cute on a younger girl though.

B6186 - Connie Crawford.  Basic color blocked dress.  Comes in Plus sizing.

B6187 - Connie Crawford.  Color blocked tunic.  Comes in Plus sizing.

B6177 - Katherine Tilton.  I feel like we've seen similar in this pattern line already?

B6180 - Katherine Tilton.  I like the use of stripes in this skirt pattern.
Saw someone wearing something similar (but dichromatic)
in a parking lot recently, and it looked pretty cool.

B6172 - This top looks like it should be a designer pattern, but it isn't.
I feel like it looks cool in the photo, but seems a bit impractical to wear in reality.

B6166 - Love this dress!  This one is going on the list.

B6163 - My initial reaction was "pretty!" but I think I was responding to the color.
I'm not overly fond of the dress in and of itself, but the blue/black lace combo is inspiring. 

B6164 - Another dress pattern I don't need, but one I sort of want.
It is a simple sort of dress, but would be great for spring.

B6185 - Wardrobe pattern.  Sort of meh on this one.

The collars on the tops and not on the jacker is sort of interesting though.

B6184 - Another wardrobe pattern.  Not loving the outie seams.

B6181 - Bomber jacket.  Butterick is a bit late to the party.

B6173 - I'm oddly drawn to this tunic.  I can definitely see my sister wearing it.

B6179 - Fast & Easy skirt.  Nice, simple, basic.

B6176 - Fast & Easy.  Another pattern where we've seen a lot of similar styles in the past.

B6175 - Boxy top.  Meh.

B6178 - Fast & Easy culottes.  Apparently culottes are going to be a thing this year.
Not loving this super voluminous variation though.

The streamlined version is a bit better.

B6170 - Not that I particularly loved this pattern to begin with,
but the unfortunate color choice leaves me thinking "hospital gown."
 The following are the See & Sew patterns, which are essentially pattern re-releases with new numbers.  They are all pretty decent, but for most of them the original patterns were fairly recent releases, so I don't have much to say about the re-releases.







The highlight of this collection (for me at least) is the historical costume pattern:

B6190 - Pretty!  Love the draping on the bodice.

This version is pretty too!
And that's it!  On the whole, this collection is kind of a snooze.  Possibly the most interesting thing is that Lisette has changed from Simplicity to Butterick as a distribution brand.  There are a few decently cute spring dresses, but there wasn't really a stand out in this collection for me.  I will be getting the costume pattern for sure, and 6166.  A few of the other dresses are maybes for me.  Otherwise, it is mostly a pass.  What do you think?  See anything I'm missing?  Or is this a fairly dull collection for you all as well?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


  1. there are some dress patterns that I like but other than that meh. I am over seeing so much boxy patterns. Can't they at least try to make some fitted clothing?

  2. yawn, boring. i really hate 6185, screams church lady to me. it could be just the fabric.ik

    1. I just recently made Butterick 6185, the little double collared blouse. I really love it! I'm not usually a fan of Butterick as I think some of their patterns are really old fashioned looking, but the blouse is actually really nice! It definitely does scream "church lady" at first, but I wore it with skinny jeans and wedges and I think it actually looks a lot better than how they modelled it. Not sure I'd make any of the trousers though.

      This was my version:

  3. I loved so many of them! I already picked up about 5 for the stash and have already sewn the Lisette top in 6183! LOL!

    I really like the moto jacket too and a couple of dresses. The Gertie dress is a disaster.