Thursday, February 19, 2015

Newsflash: Spring New Look Patterns

The new New Look patterns are up on the Simplicity website.  Overall I have to admit it is not the most exciting release.  It seems like many of these patterns are pretty basic and fairly similar to previous pattern releases.  Let's take a look:

NL 6341 - Probably the cutest/most interesting design in this release.

NL 6342 - Basic sheath.  The top/blouse gives is an interesting  60s sort of vibe.

NL 6340 - Basic summer dress.  Not overly exciting.

NL 6344 - This top isn't bad; it feels very on trend.
I think there are just a lot of patterns like this already.

NL 6343 - I actually like the shape of this top, but, again, pretty basic.

NL 6345 - Handkerchief hem tunic - another look we've seen a lot of lately.

NL 6346 - Basic skirt. Fine, but, simple.

NL 6348 - In theory I like the wrap detail on this shirt.
In practice it looks a bit bulky.

NL 6350 - Culottes are officially a thing again.

NL 6351 - Not loving the trousers, the the top/jacket aren't bad.

Not much too post about.  Lots of fairly simple styles, and lots of trends that have been popular for the past few pattern releases.  Probably going to skip out on these myself; I'm more interested in buying some of the new Vogue and Burda releases.  Anyone else see anything they want to sew in this collection?


  1. That's like the third time in a row that they've done that jacket in 6351.

    Seems like their offerings are getting more and more boring. Not a good deal for US folks when you can get Simplicity for $1 or 2 but New Look are $4. Bleh.

    6343 - I do like the way the sleeves are done. Would be fun to colorblock that one.

  2. I do like 6343; however, I am not sure if I just like the styling :). I may get this pattern, and this one only from this collection.

  3. Out of the bunch, I like 6343, too! I like that it's a little different with the shoulder style lines. What's with the handkerchief hem... I feel it looks dated, say like mid 2000s... what it's 2015, maybe it's "retro"?!

  4. A bit blah and I've definitely seen everything here before

  5. I bought 6342/6343/6344/6348 We shall see how much I like them once its time to sew them