Friday, March 20, 2015

Newsflash: Burda Easy Spring/Summer 2015

The full preview of the Spring/Summer 2015 Burda Easy magazine is up on the Russian website.  Although I don't think this is a must-buy issue, there are a couple of patterns that might be fun to sew.

First, the designs I'm liking from this issue:

My favorite!  I love this hoodie - perfect for the teen set.

Also liking this basic knit dress.

Skirt seams add color blocking options pretty easily.

I like it in the longer length as well.

I might add length to this mini skirt, but I like the seaming detail.

I like the longer version as well.

This blouse it pretty cute.

Not sure how I feel about this cardigan.

I like it on the model...

... but not loving the line drawing.

This raincoat is sort of boxy, but I kind of like it anyway.

The model looks cute!

Might have to add length to the sleeves though.

Interesting sleeve variation on the blouse.

I like this more than I expected.

Even though the line drawing is rather blah.

There are a lot of designs that are fine, but not overly exciting:

 Of course, it wouldn't be Burda if there weren't a little bit of crazy:
Why with the ruffle?

Sack top.  Meh.

Boring dress.



Yeah.... No.
So, overall not the most exciting issue, but, there are at least a few interesting designs, and I really like that hoodie sweater design.  Maybe not worth making extra effort to find it, but also not a waste if you have a subscription.  I'm actually slightly more excited for this issue than I've been for the monthly issues lately.  So, what do you all think?  Is think just a continuation of the dull?  Or are there some hidden gems in this magazine?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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  1. I like the blouse with the peter pan collar even though I think I already have a similar pattern. ANd the knit dress with the seam detail in the skirt is nice. I have a subscription to Burda Easy and I find there are always some really easy "novice" pieces that are styled quite nicely. Of course, being Burda there are some head-scratch pieces as well.