Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Patterns: McCall's, Simplicity, My Image

New patterns abound!  The fall patterns are starting to show up at McCall's, Simplicity, as well as the latest My Image magazine.  Overall I have to say I'm most excited about the Simplicity releases, so let's start there:

Gotta love all the seam lines on this new Amazing Fit pattern!

Also loving the retro flare of this dress.
Makes me want to twirl.

The jacket is the hot item in this SewStylish wardrobe pattern. 

The sweatshirt seaming is interesting.

Love this new MimiG jacket pattern!

Sort of digging the striped skirt.

Draped shirt.  Meh.

Love the styling here.

One of those designs that is cool in theory...
but I wonder how well it would actually work as a top?

This looks like a great first coat pattern - easy line, but stylish.

Sorry, I have a thing for this movie ok?
Just let it go.

Love the eggbeater!

Sailor Moon will never go away.  Ever.

Sexy steampunk Disney Princesses.
I actually sort of love some of these costumes.

Stylized Batman villains.  Interesting.

Steampunk flower patterns. 

Yay more dance costumes!

I thought that this kids dress pattern looked very Frozen inspired.
Apparently the Simplicity website agreed with me.

Reprint pattern.  Meh.

The color blocking on the skirt is sort of interesting.

Sort of digging the weird 80s punk vibe.

McCall's new collection wasn't quite as impressive as the releases from Simplicity, especially in the costume department.  Perhaps it is because McCall's announced a lot of new costume patterns with their Cosplay McCall's site launch, but, really, I think Simplicity is just on its game.

M7186 - Gotta love me a good knit dress.

M7194 - Love the neck.  Looks cozy.

M7199 - This zipper sweater looks pretty cool.

M7193 - I like the drape of this top.

M7187 - Interesting use of the plaid.

M7204 - Very stylish Plus wardrobe pattern.

M7184 - Archive Collection.  The kid's outfit is super cute.

M7190 - Archive Collection.

M7209 - I kind of just wish the skirt was long.

M7216 - Should I know what this is from?
I probably should, but I don't.

M7215 - Easy Hook costume for Halloween.

M7212 - Cruella de Ville as a queen is oddly adorable.

M7211 - That is one patient dog.
I haven't been as excited about the past few My Image releases, but that has changed with the most recent issue.  It is full of some cool looking pants and easy, wearable dresses.

I'm excited for some of these pants!

I'm imaging the coat in different fabrics... I'm liking the style.

Look at the seaming details!  Pretty.

Very wearable blouse.

Love these!
So, overall, it's looking like Fall will be a more exciting time for patterns than we've seen so far this spring and summer.  What do you all think?  See anything you are excited about?  Or just more of the same?  Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments!


  1. i totally agree simplicity had a great release. a few mccalls patterns. pretty excited! :)

  2. I think M7216 is from The Wild Wild West. About10 years too late.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. A great line up, thanks! You could also use M7216 to rock a Sound of Music Von Trap family look.

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