Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Newsflash - Fall McCall's Patterns

Arg, the more busy I am, the more new stuff pops up.  Oh well, these posts don't take as long as my pattern review or skating posts, so I won't worry about it too much.  In any case, McCall's also has new fall patterns.  I found more to like than I did with Simplicity, but again, I don't know how many of these I will be rushing out to get right away.

Firstly, a new costume pattern!  Don't know how much I need this, as I already have dresses and cloaks, but it could be useful for making a Cinderella type gown, so I may pick it up at a sale at some point:

M6420 - liking the red design.
I also like this simple dress pattern:

M6379 - basic dress
Don't know why, I just sort of like it, despite its simple design.  I also really like the pattern for these bags:

I don't know how happy my machine would be sewing up a bag, but I like the style of these bags, and it might be nice to have the option of making one at some point.

Also, this pattern looks comfy, but I don't know if I will be getting it or not:

I feel like it might look sloppy and ridiculous if I try to wear it, but it looks comfy and easy in the pictures.  I don't know.  Something to ponder.

I also ponder this shirt pattern:

I am strangely drawn to that shirt.  However, I also think I could take one of the Burda sack shirts, add a drawstring to the waist, and call it a day.  Another pattern I will have to think about.

Then, of course, there were the patterns that left me shaking my head...

Why must the shoulder pads come back, why!?!?!  I mean, yeah, they are starting small, but we all know they are going to get bigger.  Ugh.  Let the 80s rest in peace.  I almost prefer the 70s disco fishing gear BurdaStyle is all about right now.  Sigh.

Oh, and speaking of Burda, I am sorry I laughed at the asymmetrical shirts!  They don't got nothin' on McCall's 6400:

Now, before you say, oh, it's not sooooo bad, it is just the way the model is standing, let me present Exhibit B, the line drawing:

M6400 line drawing.
Erhm, yeah.  Now, I am not against asymmetrical clothing (I use asymmetry a lot in my skating costumes) but this seems like just a little much.

So yeah, new McCall's.  I don't know.  They have some new skinny pants, some jumpers, and lots of kids clothes that you can look at here.  None of which I would wear, so they don't really interest me, although they are rather modern looking jumpers and skinny pants.  As with Simplicity, I am not finding a lot of the new stuff that I like that seems significantly different from patterns I already have.  I do want that bag pattern, and probably the dress and the costumes, but not really too much else from the new batch.  I am sort of excited to see the fall Butterick and Vogue though, since I am usually more drawn to their patterns than I am to McCall's.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Newsflash - Fall Simplicity Patterns

Ok, again, I wasn't going to post, but the new fall Simplicity and New Look patterns have been released here and here.  Not too much of interest really.  Except Simplicity does have a new Kate Middleton engagement knockoff dress pattern - a Project Runway pattern to boot!

Simplicity 2145

Pattern is totally a knockoff.
There are a few new costume patterns (ethnic dance/belly dance type styles) and a retro 60's dress re-issue, as well as an interesting new skirt pattern, but I don't know how much I will be wanting to get any of these.  A recent acquisition of some older BWOF (yes, real BWOF, not BurdaStyle! - post to come later) leaves me feeling very satisfied with my pattern stash at the moment, especially in the skirt department.  Especially since I really don't wear skirts often, or at all.  I may eventually break down and get the new Simplicity costumes because, well, costumes!

As for New Look - snoozefest.  There are a few Project Runway Workroom styles that are ok, but some of them look very similar to recent Burda offerings, or other Big4 patterns I have already stashified, so not really of interest.

So, well, not too much to get excited over, but worthy of an announcement at the least.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Newsflash - July Burda Style Preview Posted

Ok, so I know I wasn't going to be posting for a while, but July Burda is worthy of an exception.  Well, maybe "worthy" is not the right word, but well, it gets an exception none-the-less.  I know this is the summer edition, end everything is supposed to be all easy-breezy but seriously?  Although nothing got close to the atrocity that is the bikini from the June issue, the styling for July left me scratching my head.  They have their "Romantic" section, which should probably have been labeled "Dowdy;" the "City" section which leaves me to think, yes, let's wear all black when it is 110 outside; the "Beach" section which is really more like the 70s disco section; the "Holidays" or "Rest" section (google translate couldn't decide) which features a lot of designs I probably would wear around the house, but I don't think I could go out in them.  And then there is the plus section, wherein Burda laughs at all of those who lost weight to fit into June bikini.  Because while the normal size ranges give giant oversized bags, the plus sized ladies have a selection of some of the most gorgeous dresses I have seen.  Stunning.  Sigh.  Alrighty then, on to the pictures!

Firstly, I must note, this is the FIRST time I will be reviewing a Burda magazine without a shirt dress.  *Gasp*  I almost don't know what to do with myself.

Secondly, Burda is once again featuring a "designer" dress in this issue.

Who could actually wear this?
I don't know how to feel about this.  On one hand, I can see how it is very designer/fashionable, on the other hand, what normal woman could wear this?  There is just so much going on around the hips... I don't know.  I can't say I hate it, I just don't think anyone who isn't runway-model sized could pull it off. Ah well.

Moving on, Burda's other favorite trend - the potato sack!

Potato sack with trim!

Also available as a shirt.
So there weren't as many potato sack dresses in this issue - because Burda has moved on to a new trend - the tube!

Tube top.

Tube romper.

Tube skirt.
Tube pants.
Apparently the 80's are out and the 70's are back!  Check out these shorts:

70s shorts.  My mom had these.  I seen them.

Disco sequin jacket!  Except Burda thinks we should wear it to the beach...

70s disco romper (part of the tube collection).  Burda also thinks this is  appropriate for fishing.
Aside from disco at the beach, there were a few questionable fabric choices that left me thinking "avocado goiter."

Not as cute as last issue's bubble dress, and an ugly color to boot.

This dress totally added 20 years to the model, just because of the color.
The other thing Burda liked this month - asymmetrical tops:

Yes, the sleeves are NOT the same - on purpose!

The neckline is crooked here too.
Despite the majority of styles being underwhelming, there were a few I did really like.  Firstly, despite all odds and against all reason I really like this:

Ok, so it is just a sheet.
Even on the dressform it isn't too special.

But I want to wear this at the beach and look this fabulous.  I don't know why.
Also, more pants:


Not the flare look I am usually drawn to, but I like this style.
Also, this jacket I find fabulous:

Love the style on the front.

Like the fitted with one button look.
There were a few other things I liked:

Simple dress with pockets.

Really basic dress, but I like it.

Perfect LBD.

LBD line drawing.

I really want to make a kimono for lounging about in or something.  I just like this.

I like the length here - I wouldn't have to adjust the pattern at all.

Skirt with pockets, I like!
Then, of course, there are the plus size designs which I LOVE:

Plus size doesn't mean sexy isn't an option.

Simple but pretty.


Seriously, wow.

I love love love this dress.

So jealous.
Ok, so maybe there was more to like than I realized.  But, a lot of it is plus sized and I don't know how much grading I want to do.  For the pink dress, it might be worth it.

Although I already went on about the tube-trend, it can't escape this month's rendition of BTWF:

Ok, I don't know what it is, but this jacket just seems so bulky and masculine.  There is just something unappealing about the shape.

These pants make me think of chicken legs.

Sequins for fishing, seriously?
Ok, so there wasn't so much to laugh at in this issue really.  I mean, I can't criticize the loose beachy look too much because it is summer.  Just isn't too inspiring.  In any case, it is that time, once again - time for the best and worst awards.

The Best of BS Award for the month of July goes to:

Love this dress!  Sadness for the plus sizing.  I may have to grade down because I love it so.
And this month's BWTF award goes to:

Chicken thighs.  That is all.  No, wait.  Is that a baby crocodile?
And that's July!  Not all of it - if you want to see more you can see the official preview here.

The verdict: I may have to order this one as well!  I really like the one jacket and the pants, but there are a few dress patterns I really like too.  So, ummm, yeah.  The Burda bug has bit, and it is bad.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Temporary Hiatus

Life is getting intense in the next few weeks, so blogging will be at a minimum.  Real life work is getting crazy, sewing will be at a minimum (after I finish current dress project), skating will be at a maximum, and reading will be restricted to study materials.  Hopefully will be back with more posts in July with more sewing projects, skating posts, and book reviews (when I have time to read again...).

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I was finally able to acquire the new Butterick patterns at a $1.99 sale! Although the local JoAnn store didn't have ANY of the new patterns (or even place holders for them) the other stores in the area did happen to have them, and in the sizes I was looking for.  Managed to get all the patterns I was looking for, so now I have removed all of the Butterick's from my wishlist (at least until the new patterns come out).

B5647 - I really want a 3/4 sleeve jacket (or two or three...)

B5662 - I also really want to do a corset with boning.

B5663 - Costumes = kryptonite, I can't help it!

B5450 - Thinking about using some linen from the stash to make the blue version.

B5638 - This was one of those patterns I saw and loved, but I don't know why.

B5042 - I like the short (red) version, but my sister may want one as well.

B5645 - I feel like this could be a wardrobe staple type pattern for me.
Don't know how soon any of these will get made up, but I do have some potential stash fabrics in mind for most of these patterns.  Actually my stash has been growing lately due to some online fabric purchasing (mostly for upcoming coat project) so hopefully some stash accumulation pictures will get posted sometime soon-ish.