Saturday, January 28, 2012

A muslin and Sewing Space Update

First off I want to say thanks to everyone who commented on my last post!  I really like being part of the online sewing community - such a great way to find sources of materials as well as inspiration and support.  I decided to get some vintage buckles on Etsy because I want a color for this project, but I do have plans to order some of the awesome looking leather style buckles for some of my future projects (thinking ahead to the Classic Trench part of my sewing challenge).

I just finished the muslin for my new raincoat pattern, Burda 7360:

My revised pattern choice

Here is how it looks on me, a straight size 40:

The front - a much better fit in the shoulders.
But too small in the hips, though that can be fixed.

I should have pulled the back down a bit lower for the picture...
Though I think it pulls up a bit in the back because I need more space around my hips.

The back - I think the shoulders look pretty good.
Overall I think this is going to be a much better pattern than the last one I chose.  As far as adjustments go, I think I need to add +1" length at the top lengthen line, and possibly 1-2" at the lower lengthen line (because I want a slightly longer coat).  The sleeve length seems ok, but the pockets need to be raised (probably 1.5" because of the extra length I will be adding).  All of this in addition to grading out to a size 42 (or 44) below the waist.  With any luck I can have the rest of the prep work (pattern alterations, fabric cutting, etc) done and be ready to sew by next weekend.

In the mean time I am hoping to whip up some tops, but there are some skating events this weekend, so I don't know if those will get done or not.

Also, I thought I would show some updated pictures of my new sewing space.  My mom cleaned out some shelves and made room for a pressing board!  Here are some new pictures:

Sewing machine and serger (I cover them during the week when I am not here)
Bookshelves with sewing books
And a pressing board on the right!

Here is my sewing library!

Bottom shelf - general technique, couture techniques, fitting, and machine operation books.

Top shelf - fabric guides and project books.
Eventually I want to add books on fashion history as well.
So what I really want to say it, Thanks Mom!  I really like my new sewing space.  I miss having everything all together, but so far it has been working out alright with transporting the projects back and forth.

In any case I am hoping I might get some sewing done tonight, but even if I don't I can at least have a lot of stuff ready to go for next weekend.

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