Thursday, April 19, 2012

Package of Awesome and Knipmode!

Sorry for the lack of pictures in the past few posts... this one is going to make up for it!  I got another amazing package of awesome from across the sea - with more sewing stuff!  I love these packages, so many fun goodies.

Books, pins, and candy!

Starbars are amazing!  Kinda like Nestle Crunch mixed with Twix...  One or more of these may not have made it to the end of the post.

Rotary cutting guide!  Adding seam allowances = a thing of the past.
 Ok, to be fair, I actually bought the seam guide for myself.  See, I wanted to buy one from the Olfa website, but it seems they have been discontinued.  And while there were a few websites I found still selling them, most were located in Europe, which would have resulted in shipping costs greater than the price of the seam guide.  Well, anyway, I saw one on Ebay for a reasonable price, with free shipping inside of England.  Luckily for me I know someone in England.  Who was prepping a package to send to me anyway.  So, well, it would have been silly to let the opportunity slip by.

Another historical fashion book.

With fun pictures!

Anyway, in addition to the seam guide I also got a ton of sewing magazines - a Burda Plus and a bunch of Knipmodes!


Two "Special" issues:

I really like the brown coat and grey sweater...

And I love the dramatic collar on the purple coat too.
From the September 2011 issue:

Love this AMAZING coat.

And this one - looks so classy!

I also really like this jacket and these pants.

And they mixed the coat with the pants I liked - yup, I need to make these.

From December 2011:

Can't decide if it looks a bit sloppy but I do sort of like this  dress.

I like the pleating detail on the skirt and the lace detail on the jacket.

More great pants.

From January 2012:

Love a lot of these jackets...

From a mix-n-match segment.

Also, loving the pants on the right.
Though Elizabeth on SEWN was just talking about making green pants,
so those caught my eye as well.

The whole issue was full of mix-n-match segments.

I was intrigued to try a few of these shirts.

I really like this purple one, even though it isn't really "my style."
So overall there are a lot of patterns here I rather like and want to make up.  Even though I probably won't get around to them for some time.  But, overall, quite a great pattern haul!

***BREAKING NEWS****  I just found out via Skype that my sister's friend was recently in Madrid and got me 3 issues of Patrones!  Via Skype I have seen the cover of issue #314, and Extra issues #14 and #15.  Can't show you the insides yet, but here is a super sneak peak of the cover:

Patrones Extra No. 15 - Soon to be mine!

*EDIT* Seems Blogger has changed its post writing screen and this has been wreaking havoc with posts that I had scheduled to show up at earlier times.  I preemptively apologize if a ton of posts suddenly show up all at once.


  1. That is an awesome package indeed. It is probably for the best that you can't get Star Bars here!

    1. Agreed! I have also noticed that the taste isn't quite as sweet as US candy bars, which might be part of why I can eat the whole thing in one sitting.

  2. What a great package! Knips are a lot of fun--I think they're a little more accessible than other magazines. And you're going to love your Patroneses!

  3. I didn't know what the rotary cutting guide was for...but now that I do, that is awesome!!!

    Glad you like all the stuff!

    1. Yeah, it wasn't a problem when I first started, but now that I have this pattern magazine addiction, and none of those come with seam allowances attached, well, it is going to save me a lot of time.