Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Family Jewels

Ok, so I was supposed to be sewing practice outfits for myself.  Instead I made these:

Necklace, earrings, and hair barret

Close-up of the necklace
Most of my jewelry is over the top gaudy stuff for skating, and these pieces are no different.  Basically I found a cheap(ish) necklace at an accessory store in the local mall, and I glued a buch of rhinestones to the front of it.  Then I took off the (leather-like) cords and added string of beads to each side.  The barret is a cheap one from Target, and I just glued rhinestones to the top.  The earrings were converted from pierced to clip on.  Overall I think the set probably cost less than $50, and it is totally going to match a bracelet I already have.  Procrastination?  Yes.  Waste of time?  Not so much.


  1. That is quite impressively gaudy! I imagine it shines beautifully on the skate-floor (like a dance floor? not sure what the word is).

    1. Yeah we just call the skating surface "the floor" usually. One of the skate moms was annoyed that my jewelry using cheap Korean and Chinese knock-off rhinestones looked just as good as her really expensive jewelry using the Swarovski brand stones. Up close, you can totally see the quality difference, but at 200 feet no one can tell.

  2. That necklace looks awesome! Perfect for skating :)