Saturday, March 16, 2013

Awesome Book Finds

I was at a used book store, and while their selection of sewing books was limited (well, nonexistent  they had a surprisingly large collection of books on textile production.  Being trained as a scientist and a known fabric junkie, I couldn't pass up a book that contains both molecule line drawings and descriptions of how embossed fabrics are made.  Here's a peak:

Books about fabric production.
From Textile Fabrics and Their Selection:

Discussion on hand screen printing.
Harvesting silk from silkworms.
From Textiles:

Schematics of fiber shapes.
A wool molecule!
Information about how knit fabrics are made.
Rollers used to make embossed fabrics (cool!).
Ok, I think everyone knew I was a fabric-o-holic, but now the real truth is out - I am a total fabric nerd.

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