Monday, April 22, 2013

My Poor Bobbin Casing

When I was shopping for fabric in LA I noticed one of the shop owners who had swept up his floor and then came outside to dump an entire dustpan full of glitter into the gutter.  Environmental issues aside, I thought it was crazy that he could generate that much glitter dust just from cutting fabric.

I shouldn't think such things because the universe has a certain way of laughing at me:

Neon organe glitter and velvet fuzz...
I am brushing it out about once an hour at the moment...
And I usually end up with a little mound of glitter in my palm.

It wouldn't be so bad if the floor didn't look the same way.  Actually the floor is worse.  I am going to have at least two dustpans worth of sweeping to do come July...


  1. teehee! giggle-central here!! bummer though :(

  2. Karma is a nasty bitch, isn't she? 8-)

    What a mess! You should perhaps look into getting one of those mini vacuum attachments. I have one and it works really well, and it kinda looks like you could do with one.

    1. Ok, I think I NEED one of those. Seriously.