Friday, June 7, 2013

The Best Thing About Sewing For Other People...

Ok, well, maybe not the best thing, but definitely one of the perks is the need to go to the LA fashion district on a fairly regular basis to buy fabric, rhinestones, and supplies.  And it seems to have ended up as something of a tradition to end each visit at the Michael Levine Loft - the $2.50 per pound rummage sale of fabric.  And, as usual, I have managed to walk away with far too much yardage of far too many goodies:

These are very stretchy mid-weight fabrics in navy, green, and red.
I am thinking I could makes some great slim-fit pants, shorts, and trousers.
I probably have enough of each to make at least 3 pairs of pants.  At least.
Left: Poly blend plaid.  Loved the plaid pattern too much.  I see some skirts in my future.
Right: This is a heavenly feeling wool.  Heavenly.  At $2.50 per pound!
Assorted knits.  The black and teal on the back left are for skating costumes,
the purple on the left will be for shirts for my sister,
the center ITY knit print will be for a summer tank top.
Right back: will be for a draped cardigan, the plain grey in the center right
will be for the softest t-shirt in the world (this stuff is sooooo sooooft!),
and the fun print in the front will be used for a fitted cardigan.
Yum.  Lots of fun fabrics on the super cheap.  Yeah, I might be going insane and tearing my hair out with pre-regional sewing stress right now, but, well, at least it isn't all work and no play.


  1. Wow, what a great haul! I can't believe the bargains to be had there. Wool for $2.50/lb??? It's a good thing I don't live anywhere near such a treasure trove.

  2. I love seeing goodies from Levine's Loft. Thanks for sharing the pics.