Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Newsflash: McCall's Special Pattern Release and Thoughts on June Burda

McCall's just announced a special new pattern release:

M7000 - The "Winter Princess" Pattern
Clearly, McButtVogue realized they were missing out on a crap-ton of money by not having an obvious Frozen knockoff costume pattern.  I would be fascinated to see the sales stats on this pattern - from what I've heard it has been rather difficult for desperate parents to get enough Frozen merchandise for their kids (or themselves).  It has gotten to the point where the theme parks have an average wait time of 4 hours to meet the princesses, and the stores are raffling off the chance to purchase an official costume.  My prediction: this pattern is going to sell like hotcakes.

In other news, my June Burda finally showed up (yes, I know, I always get it later than almost everyone else), and there are a few new-ish features that I am sort of excited about.  First is a segment where Burda chooses one pattern and adds embellishment of fabric changes to highlight the versatility of the pattern.  They started doing this a few months back, but I am glad they have decided to continue this segment.  New this month is a segment where Burda mixes various patterns from the current magazine and shows some more practical ways to wear and style the pieces (ie, we aren't wearing a sequin top to go fishing in this segment).  I know they've had similar segments in the past, though they used to mix pieces from different issues.  I really like seeing the patterns styled in a more wearable way with common affordable accessories, so I hope this segment continues in future issues.

I like seeing a pattern done up in different fabric - it can really provide inspiration
on a pattern I had originally written off.

Love this new Burda section!  It is great to see all of the pieces in a mix-n-match
format that highlights the pattern's wardrobe versatility.
So, anyone else excited by these new additions to the Burda magazine?  Or am I just easily amused?


  1. I'm still impatiently(!) waiting for mine. FWIW, I don't subscribe, I order individual issues that I (NEED) want from GLP.

  2. ohhhhh! I really like the "multifaceted" section. It looks like a revamp of the Dagmar Billy, "how I would style this" feature. I like this new layout much, much better.
    My favorite feature of the old Lucky magazine was when they'd take a few pieces and turn them into a month of outfits. this kind of has the same feel.

  3. I'm still waiting on my issue, this is extremely late for me. Love the new features!

  4. I don't have my issue either. I thought it was a Burda rule that I was always the last person to get an issue.