Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Newsflash: December Burda Early Preview Posted

The German website and P-an-da blog have the early preview up for the December Burda issue.  I have to say, I'm not loving the official early preview photos overly much - perhaps it is the fabrics hiding details, but everything looks sort of generic and blah.  I am, however, seeing at least a few things of interest on the more complete preview at P-an-da's.  So... jury is out until the full preview with line drawings methinks.  In any case, here is what Burda has shared with us so far:

These first images look really sleek and editorial in the photos...
but is this a coat?  A dress?  I like it as the former, not so much as the latter.

The snake-print lace fabric is cool!
But it does make it a bit hard to see the details of the blouse.

One one hand, I like the top and skirt combo.
On the other hand, I feel like we've already gotten similar patterns recently.

Fancy party dresses for the holidays, yay.
Little girls putting glitter in your hair, not so yay.

Do we get that little coat pattern?  It is so cute!

Hmmm... I'm sort of liking the top, I think.
Another one where I want to see line drawings.

Basic top/skirt.  Meh.

Ah, I was thinking we hadn't gotten enough capes this year.

Of course, the obligatory winter pj section.

My initial thought - I want big fluffy pants!
My second thought - I would totally trip and die a
horrible fiery death if I wore them in the kitchen.
Those giant pockets would be great for holding snacks though.
Or cell phones, if, you know, you want to be totally practical.

Giant slouchy cardigan yay.

Maybe it's the photo, but meh.

Love the top, but thinking the whole thing would be better in a
not-so-shiny-non-satin fabric.

Oversized tunic.  Nothing new here.
So, as I said, I'm not overly excited by the early preview, though a few additional images give me some home that Burda will finish out the year on a good note.  Time (and line drawings) will tell.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Hilarious. I, too, want the giant pants. Can you tell whether they're in knit or woven fabric? I'm craving a couple of silk jammies for summer..

    1. They look like a woven cotton to me... Hopefully that's what they turn out to be!