Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Columbus Weekend Sales

Ok, so the Craft Stores take any excuse to have a sale... and this time it is for Columbus Day.  Whatever, if I can get $0.99 patterns I'll take it.  In any case, I have also found a "local" Hancock fabrics, so I will probably start tracking their sales as well.  And, well, "local" is probably a generous term, but it is close to one of the skating rinks I frequent, so I don't have to drive ridiculously out of the way to go there on occasion.  In any case, there are a few good Columbus Day sales going on:

Joann (Friday October 7 - Monday October 10):
-$0.99 Simplicity Patterns
-50% off notions wall
-50% off red tag fabric

Hancock (Thursday October 6 - Monday October 10):
-$1.00 Simplicity Patterns
-$0.99 McCall's Patterns
-$0.99 Butterick Patterns
-$3.99 Vogue Patterns
-50% off red tag fabric
-50% off buttons
-50% off Coats&Clark zippers
-50% off Coats&Clark thread

Overall I would say Hancock is having the better sale, but don't know how much I will be picking up this time around.  Due to proximity, I will probably head to Joann anyway.  I will be looking for a few Simplicity patterns and possibly some white elastic.

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