Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Patterns Abound! September Burda Early Preview, Burda Plus Fall/Winter, and New Fall Simplicity Patterns

My time is tight right now, between skating, finishing costumes, and eating and sleeping, but I wanted to mention that there are a LOT of new pattern releases in the past few days.

Firstly, the September Burda early preview can be seen on the German and Russian websites.  I have to say, so far, I am impressed.  Or, at least intrigued.  I see a lot of things I think I might like, so I am excited for the full preview of the magazine to come out.

Trench coat love!

Dress with potentially interesting seaming.

I also like this dress.

Cute jacket in the plus sizes.

Cute Burda Plus dress.
Also, the full preview of the Fall/Winter 2012 Burda Plus can be seen here.  I am not seeing anything drool worthy, and a fair number of the patterns can be found in the regular monthly magazines, but there look to be a lot of good basics, so it could potentially be a good addition to a pattern collection.

Finally, the Fall Simplicity Collection has been announced.  This collection looks to have a lot of crafty looking patterns and easy Halloween costumes for kids, but there were a few interesting new patterns:

New Leanne Marshall pattern - I think this dress is super cute!

Ok PR dress pattern.

New Cynthia Rowley jacket.  Not wild about the cut-outs.

PR coat pattern.  Perhaps a bit butch for me, but still a classic shape.

Odd cape and fuzzy vest... I am not such a fan of this one.

I do like this costume pattern though.

This new steampunk one looks sort of uninspired though.
Overall I am liking the Leanne Marshall pattern, and the Snow White 1773 costume pattern.  I can probably live without the others.

So - what's the verdict?  Are we excited about September Burda?  Anything you are dying for from the new Simplicity line?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


  1. The August Burda issue was a good one, and fingers crossed the September will be good too.
    Nothing in Simplicity caught my eye. The LeeAnn Marshal dress is interesting, but in the end I probably wouldn't sew it.

    1. I agree! August Burda was a step in the right direction after such a disappointing July! I have high hopes for Sept.

      I'm feeling a bit "meh" about the Simplicity offerings.

  2. Since I don't subscribe to Burda, I can only comment on the Simplicity patterns. Overall, I think their release was rather dull and lacked creativity. I like the Leanne Marshall pattern but that is about all from the release. I don't sew costumes and the PR coat looks dull to me. Hopefully this is early fall and there will be some more to come! :]

  3. I thought the Simplicity patterns were kinda boring and so what. Absolutely nothing that even remotely interested me. I really didn`t care for the Leanne Marshall pattern, but that is probably my age talking.

    Unfortunately Burda is unavailable where I live so I for once, have no opinion 8-).