Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Newsflash: Burda Plus Spring/Summer Preview Announced

The German Burda website has the early preview posted for the Spring/Summer Burda Plus magazine. In the past few years it seemed that the the Burda Plus was full of re-prints from the regular monthly magazines.  However, it looks like a lot of the styles in this issue are new!  And some of them look pretty cute too...

I am sort of torn on this dress, but I think I kind of like it!
I mean, maybe not something I would wear, but I appreciate the  design.

A nice top/skirt combo.

I love this jacket!
And it looks great in Pantone color of the year emerald.

Hmmm... This looks similar to the dress from last year's May Burda...

Then, of course, they give us this.  Maybe it is the color, but this just seems so sad and boring.
So... what do you all think?  Is this better than the other recent BurdaPlus magazines?  Do you like yellow dress?  Am I the only one who is craving an emerald green jacket right now?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


  1. I really like the yellow dress - not my color, but the design is unique and could be really stunning. But yes, the drab jumpsuit is sad - that straight across neckline would make any woman look wide. There's just no elegance to it.

  2. It isn't just the colour of the jumpsuit. It is sad and boring and always will be.

    I don't love any of these, and I "did" green the last time it came around, so I don't need it now.

  3. I loooooove that yellow dress! I haven't been this excited about a pattern in a regular Burda. Is this a totally separate issue? I would love to make that dress. I'm only one size away from plus anyway. Couldn't be that hard to grade...

    1. Yes, the BurdaPlus magazines are separate from the regular BurdaStyle magazines. You can order the English version form GLP news here:

      I think you have to buy the full year (2 issues) if you order online, but I have heard that if you call them directly you can order one issue at a time.