Thursday, May 30, 2013

Newsflash: July Burda Early Preview Posted

The first images from the July Burda have been posted to the Russian website.  As I suspected, so far this issue doesn't look to be quite as exciting as June.  However, it also doesn't look to be a total waste of pattern paper either.  So far I am liking about half of the preview designs, or at least I am thinking that the pattern could be useful.  I am not swooning over anything, but, well, there are a few things I could see adding to my wardrobe.  And the plus designs look much better than the last issue.  Let's take a look...

I really like that top!  Hope it is an included pattern.
I am thinking I like those pants too...

The top is ok, but I think the skirt is cute!  And it has pockets!

This summer dress might have potential...

Short shorts, but might be useful...

Lingerie patterns always have the potential to be useful... 

Even if they aren't the most exciting.

Of course, Burda did include some summer sack patterns as well...

Ugh.  Dowdy and boring.

I do like the Plus patterns this month though.

I could totally see making this for my sister.

I might convert this to a top,
but definitely something I could see her wearing.
So, what do you all think?  See anything of potential?  Or do these simple styles leave you bored?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


  1. Loving the blog!

    I like the blue skirt in the second image.

  2. Lingerie - yay! And I really like the top in the picture of the skirt that you like.

    I'm wondering if that first beach coverup is a knock off of this VS cover up that I've been meaning to knock off for a while -

    1. Looks like it might be a knock-off. Actually, seeing the one on the website makes me like it a lot better. Maybe I just need to see the back!

  3. There's definitely some things I'm interested in.

  4. My issue always arrives so late that I feel left behind! I do like some of the dresses you've posted so I will be looking forward to my July issue - which gets to me around about July 1st!