Friday, August 29, 2014

Newsflash: October Burda Early Preview Posted

The early preview for the October Burda is up on both the German and Russian websites.  So far I have to say - I'm intrigued!  I've already seen at least one thing I really like (a jacket - is anyone surprised?  No...), and a few other things I'm thinking will go on my wish list.  There are also a lot of things that I think won't work for me, but would look cool on other sewing bloggers.  So, I'm excited.  P-an-da also has more model photos up, and although I won't pass judgement until I see the line drawings, I'm going to predict that this issue is going to be a major win for me.  Anyway, here's a first look:

Ah, this coat, I loves it!  Maybe not the odd pocket things,
but I love the idea of a more fitted version of a peacoat.

This ruffled jacket has the potential to be interesting...

Is this motorcycle-ish jacket too crazy?
I want to see the line drawing.

Too long?  Or just dramatic enough to pull it off?
This draped style doesn't seem to be going anywhere,
but this proportion is different enough to be interesting.

Yeah, this is like, what, the third cowl dress we've gotten this year?
I still like it though.

Not sure if I like there the tie is located -
it just emphasizes the width of the hips.

I know I'm thrown off by the print, but I might like the dress itself.
Might have to contemplate the line drawing on this one.

Dress is similar to the tunic top above -
I'm feeling the Downton Abbey dropped waist influence here.

Definitely not something that would look good on me,
but I could see this looking cute on other bloggers.

I'm actually rather liking the way this is photographed, though, again,
neither the top nor the pants are something I see myself wearing.

This layered dress just seems a bit blah to me.

That is a super mini skirt.  Or skort?

Not feeling this boxy blouse.

Another bomber jacket for the Burda Plus girls.

I'm thinking this dress might have more seams than we can
see well in the photo - I'm waiting for the line drawing on this one.

Not digging the ruffle at the bottom of this top,
but I do think this is a very wearable blouse.

The kids section looks quite fashion forward this month!
But would anyone's kids actually wear this to school?
Also, can we have that bag as a pattern?  Please?
So, what are we all thinking about this issue?  Cautiously optimistic?  Or scared of the crazy?  Too much going on?  Or are the bold fabrics hiding lackluster designs?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


  1. I love the crazy motorcycle jacket

  2. I'm loving what I have seen so far. As you said not all of the looks are my style personally but I would love to see what others do with them.

  3. The pea coat is intriguing.

    The first thing I noticed on the super short skirt / skort was the over-photoshopped thigh. Really?

  4. I want the bag too. And the boots, and, the ability to stay upright in them.

  5. Hi!

    Over at the P-and-a blog, the technical drawings are up. The messenger bag is included!