Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Conundrum

As I am sure the world is aware, the Royal Wedding kicks off within the next few hours.  However, the broadcast will be overlapping with the live streaming from Worlds.  Indeed, as fate would have it, it appears the moment everyone has been waiting for (the moment of the reveal of Kate's gown) should occur at about the moment that Jenna McCorkell (representing Great Britain) takes to the ice.  Since the exciting ladies won't really be taking to the ice until later in the morning, perhaps a little bit of wedding watching followed by a lot of skating watching is in order?  I suppose as long as I get to see the Czisny, Mao, and YuNa's Giselle from the ladies, and all of the short dances all is well.

Royal wedding video feed here.

Live from Moscow!

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