Friday, April 8, 2011

Pattern Sales: McCall's and Vogue

As I am sure many (well, ok, probably all) of the sewistas out there are aware that JoAnn stores are having a sale starting on Sunday April 10 through Saturday April 16.  Vogue patterns can be had for $3.99 (limit 10) and McCall's for $0.99 (limit 10).  That's right people.  $0.99 pattern sale.  So, you know where we will all be on Sunday.  Yup.  Skating practice.  Oh.  And JoAnn fabric stores.

I have made my list and checked it twice.  Stash accumulation pictures to come.

1 comment:

  1. Sunday skating and shopping for fabric...sounds like the good old days, only I didn't know enough to keep interested in looking at fabric, and I always felt as if I was "dragged" along to these fabric stores. Only now, you make me pretty dresses & shirts and things, so I really can't complain. Oh, how things change :)