Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Newsflash - June Burda Style Preview Posted

Hooray, new Burda designs are posted on the German website!  I do not care for this website as much as I do for the Italian or Russian ones, because they only post the garment pictures, not the line drawings or the model pictures.  Usually I decide based on the line drawing if I like it, then I look at the model to see how it actually looks on a person.  Sigh.  Ah, well.  I am pondering this issue.  I hope that the Italian website posts it's preview in a day or so; I will do my preview assessment then, when I can get a better idea of what the garment looks like (here's a spoiler: one of the themes for a segment is clearly "white" which is really hard to see in the garment photos.  So I need to see pictures on a person or line drawings, because squinting isn't working).  Also, with the model pictures I won't fall in love with a child's sized shirt...

In any case, thought I would share the good news while I consider a few of the designs for future acquisition; although, who am I kidding, I will probably get this one anyway.

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