Friday, August 12, 2011

Newsflash - Fall Butterick Patterns

The latest round of fall patterns have been announced by Butterick!  You can take a look here.  My overall impression: some decent wardrobe staples, but very few wow patterns.  There are some nice dresses, but nothing that I really need to get... I feel like I could make something similar with many of the patterns I already have.  Same goes for the shirts... I either have other patterns that I like much better or the tops are large and baggy which is not a good look for me.  I was excited to see a pattern for gloves, but these look a lot more like winter gloves and a lot less like Cinderella goes to the ball gloves.  Oh well.  There are a few patterns I am excited over, however.

Firstly, this coat pattern.  I don't know why, but I always seem to have a thing for coats and costumes, though I wear these less than most of my other clothes.  I think this new pattern is cute though, and worth picking up at a $1.99 sale.

 And, of course, a new costume!  I really hate the way it is made up on the envelope, but the pattern itself looks great.  I feel like this could be an awesome steampunk costume if made up in the right way - it could be pretty spectacular if pieces were mixed and matched from the Simplicity steampunk patterns.

I am also debating about this pattern:

This is a jeans pattern with multiple leg options.  On the one hand, it could be good to have the style options, on the other I know I really only look good in flared or boot cut.  Really, I think I should just break down and get that Jalie pattern that everyone has used and fallen in love with.  One of these days I will do a massive Jalie order and get those pants and several skating costumes, but today is not that day.

In any case, yeah, I didn't really get overly excited about too many of these new patterns.  Not that they are particularly bad, they just aren't particularly exciting.  If you need a basic sheath dress or are into color blocking you might have some real winners here.  But I think I will probably just stick to the coat and the costume from this batch.  Did I miss anything?  The new Maggie London pattern (5672) is made up just beautifully, but to me the pattern is a bit of a snooze.  I predict it will be well loved over the blog-o-sphere though, since it could be a great pattern for a bold print.

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