Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Newsflash - December Burda Early Preview Posted

The German Burda website (which has redone its main page by the way.... to me the feel is a bit more like the English version, although the content is totally different) has posted the early preview of the December Burda.  I was super pleased with October and November, but I am really liking the looks of December too!

First off, because one can never have enough gowns...

I am in LOVE with this dress.  I might even have the perfect chiffon to make it...

I love this one too!  I know some people are so over the twist top, but I like it.
And, well, making it short and blue it is another pattern for a Kate Middleton engagement knock off dress.

I like the pretties, what can I say?
Oh to live the life of a Burda girl - who needs six to ten gowns during the holiday season...  Not that I am complaining.  I love the gown issues - they are so much fun to look through, even if I am not making everything in them right away, I love the possibilities.  I also love that they made all the gowns in green; usually red, gold, and silver are the more popular holiday colors, but I really like green, so I think that adds to the appeal of these dresses.

In any case, there are some more sensible pieces in this issue as well:

Difficult to see the top, but I love the skirt!

I don't know if it would look good on someone not super thin, but the blazer is interesting.
I like the skirt here too.
Looks like a large section on fake fur coats...

The plus size section also looks like it could be really good this time around:

And the plus sizes get some pretty stuff in this issue as well.

Although I am questioning Burda's decision to get the jump on the market for dog clothes.

Is his name Sherlock?
Overall I am quite excited by the preview and I can't wait until the line drawings get posted.

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