Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Newsflash - Live Streaming of Roller Skating World Championships!

Alright, so I was poking around the internets a bit and I found a website that has live world's streaming.  It isn't as nice as previous years, with the skater's name, country, and scores showing up, but still - it is a live feed!

Live Streaming of the 2011 Roller Skating World Championships is HERE!

The event scheduled times are located further down the page.  Since it is a live feed, you will have to convert the event times from Brasilia, Brazil to your local time zone.  There are several websites on the internet that can help you do this if you search with Google...

Also, RESULTS are posted as well, and are updated fairly quickly after the events are completed.  So far there are only results for the Junior Figures and Junior Solo Compulsories, but more should hopefully get posted soon.

I will post the link in my left sidebar under "Skating" links, so that these are easily accessible even as I continue to write more posts in the coming weeks.

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