Thursday, December 22, 2011

Newsflash - New McCall's Patterns

McCall's has just announced their Spring 2012 collection.  A lot of springy dresses and a lot of kids clothes.  Also a few cute tops and some pants.

A few of the more memorable dress patterns:

M66505 - I am a big fan of lace dresses, so it caught my eye.

M6508 - I like the twistover top.

M6518 - Not really my style, but I predict it will be a favorite among the online sewing community.
There were also some "interesting" pants patterns...

M6514 - I can't imagine these looking good on anyone.  Too ugly to not point out though...

M6515 - I actually sort of like these pants.  Perhaps a bit too voluminous, but I still like them.
And a few jackets...

M6516 - I thought all of the major pattern companies already had a jacket like this?

M6517 - Since I am planning on making a raincoat, this caught my eye.
I think I will stick with my Burda pattern plans though.
And, finally, I sort of like this top:

M6513 - Similar to some other patterns, but I like it!
Overall I think this is a pretty decent set released from McCall's.  I just don't know if I feel the need to go out an buy any of it though.  I feel like, in general, I either already have similar patterns or other ones that I would rather make up than these.  Is this common with pattern magazine subscribers?  I have started taking inventory of my stash and it is overwhelmingly skewed towards Burda magazine patterns now.  And I have noticed my desire for pattern envelopes has decreased as I get more pattern magazines.  In any case, I will probably ponder over the 6508 dress, the 6515 pants, and the 6513 top before the next Joann's sale though...

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  1. I have the M6517, purely because I really need to make a rain coat and it looked like the perfect style. I've just ordered my fabric, so we'll see how it goes.