Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Burda Easy and Burda Kids - Spring/Summer 2012 Announced

While I am waiting for the full preview of the April edition (German Burda has put the garment photos here, but I like to wait until I can see the garments, line drawings, and model photos before I pass judgement), Burda has also announced a special kids issue (you can see previews here and here), and the early preview of the Spring/Summer issue of Burda Easy Fashion.  Normally I don't buy any of the Burda offshoots, but I thought some of the styling ideas were cute in this issue, even if the clothes don't impress me much.

Actually, I think the jacket could be kinda cute, maybe.

This dress is fine, but not super exciting.

The PanAm photo shoot made me smile, even if I wouldn't wear a sack dress

Another dress I wouldn't wear, but part of the PanAm section again.

And, I would not wear this, but I had to share because, well, roller skates!
Also, while my analysis of the regular April Burda will wait until I can see a full preview, this:

And this:

And this:

May have redeemed the issue for me...

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