Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Newsflash: Videos of New Skating Dances

This year USARS introduced 8 new dances into competition. (The Princeton Polka doesn't count - it has been around forever, but mostly used in solo, and the team diagram wasn't in the USARS dance book, but it has been used in the RSA test program for the past decade. Ergo, NOT a new dance.  I suppose technically the Terenzi Waltz and Kent Tango aren't new either, as they are skated internationally, but here in the US the dances are "new.")  Anyway, most of the new dances were recently demonstrated at a skating seminar, and I thought it might be informative for those of you who are interested.

EDIT 11/14/2012:  The Quickstep Boogie has been added!

Videos of new dances are posted after the break!

First, the two "new" dances for Youth International event...

Terenzi Waltz:

Kent Tango (Version 1):

Kent Tango (Version 2, with arm movements):

And now the new American style dances, which will be skated in a variety of events.

Association Waltz (team):

Association Waltz (solo):

Far Away Waltz:

Luna Blues:

Parade March:

Princeton Polka (team):

Valse Adante:

Quickstep Boogie:

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