Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Newsflash: New Butterick Patterns Announced

The latest round of Butterick patterns can be seen here.  It seems like the biggest trend for this spring is oversized baggy clothes.  Though I will admit that the new Gertie and retro patterns buck the trend somewhat.  Overall there isn't anything I find totally drool-worthy, but there are some nice dresses for spring.  Let's take a peak...

The major trend of this release seems to be oversized pattern, which we all know is not exactly my favorite look.  But, well, I will try to be as fair as possible to the new looks.

B5884 - A Suzi Chin pattern.
I feel like the fabric choice makes for a great photo,
but I don't think the sleeves would be super practical in real life.

B5884 - I suppose the sleeveless version is a bit more versatile?
But also pretty boring.

B5883 - Another Suzi Chin pattern.
I want to like the drape, but it really just makes the dress look like a rectangle with a cowl neck.

B5881 - a kAtheRine Tilton pattern.
I appreciate that the patchwork quality of this top doesn't look too forced.
Still not a fan of the baggy shape.

B5891 - another kAtheRine Tilton.
Not really a fan of the super wide hem - it makes the top look like a tent.

B5889 - Generic oversized tunic top.

B5893 - Even the pants are oversized and baggy!
I mean, typically I am a fan of a nice wide-legged trouser,
but these look like giant rectangles with an elastic waistband.
(Also - floral placement over the crotch is a crisis only partially averted.)

B5874 - A See & Sew pattern.
I actually might get this one because it looks like one of my
sister's favorite RTW tops and she has requested a re-make.
There are also a few cute Gertie and Retro looks:

B5882 - A new Gertie pattern.
I predict this will be a popular look, especially with the vintage lovers.

However, the peek-a-bustier top reminds me a bit much of some not-so-favorite skating costumes
I have seen others wear in the past.  It isn't that I dislike the top of this dress exactly,
it is just that I could never imagine myself ever wearing it.  Oh, well.  This pattern will be a pass for me.

B5895 - Another Gertie pattern.
The top and high-waisted pants are cute, but not really my style.

B5880 - A Retro Butterick pattern.
I like the top and hip drape, but I think the length would be quite awkward on me.
I think this will be another pass for me, but I do hope to see some of the
vintage lovers out there make this one up though.
There were a few other patterns of note in this release:

B5886 - A Muse pattern.
A rather basic pattern but I sort of like it.  I really like that the back is
covered and not an open halter neck, and that this is designed for
non-stretch fabrics and is meant to be lined.

B5886, again.  Actually, I think I like the even hem better though.  And I might
have some stash fabric that is calling out to be made into this dress...

B5885 - A Maggy London pattern.
Not sure how I feel about the zig-zag hem.

B5887 - Another Muse pattern.
I am sort of liking the color blocking on this knit dress, but I don't exactly find the
dress in the picture super flattering  on the model.  Something to ponder...

B5894 - A nice party dress.
I am a bit torn on the scalloped detail, but I think I sort of like it.

B5870 - A See & Sew easy knit dress.
I predict this could be a popular style and it looks pretty easy to put together.

B5873 - Another See & Sew pattern.
Very simular to some Vogue and McCall's patterns I already have, but I do like the style.

B5900 - How cute is this children's historical costume?

B5901 - They even have the accurate undergarments.

B5879 - Maybe it is a combo of the fabric, the skirt, and all the ruffles,
but am I the only one who thinks "frumpy?"
And that's about it.  Well, that's not entirely it, but the wardrobe patterns were snooze-worthy, and I don't care to review the children's patterns.  Overall I have to say it seems a bit blah.  I mean, sure, there are a few patterns I think I might pick up at a sale, but nothing really spectacular for me in this release.  What do you all think?  Anything here going to be added to your spring sewing?  Or do all of these patterns remind you of things you already have in your stash?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


  1. I agree with you, I don't like the oversized baggy clothes. That Gertie dress is gorgeous though, must show restraint!

  2. Some nice patterns, and some not so nice ones! I love the detailing on the vintage butterick - but you're right... the length is just a bit off.

    1. I think the vintage Butterick is my favourite, but I'd definitely make it knee length!

  3. Like you, I found them uninspired. It's telling that the ones we like best are the Retro styles.

  4. I agree, not an especially fantastic release, some potential gems perhaps....

    Is it just me, or is it insensitive to have a child of colour in a historical garment from a time when she would have been a possession? It bothers me.

    1. Have to say I agree with you somewhat on that point. On one hand, I would never tell a child today that they couldn't wear a pretty costume because it was inaccurate, but on the other hand I have to agree with you on the insensitivity issue.

    2. You obviously don't know your history. In New Orleans there were many "free people of color" - people of African heritage that not only were free, but had wealth and property. So there would have been many girls like that one above who had such dresses and often even nicer ones.

    3. I will admit my history skills are quite lacking. Proud product of the public school system here... which means I had coaches rather than teachers for history. Which means I basically never really learned much history. Which is sad, but it is what it is. I have tried to fill in the missing bits on my own where I can, but there is only so much time to study in a day. I am not defending my ignorance, but I also wasn't intending to be offensive.

  5. I got momentarily excited for the Suzy Chin dress (same conclusion as you) and then for the Gertie dress. But I think the bodice would require a lot of alterations for anyone not small busted, and I'd want it with a pencil skirt instead of a full skirt... still, I do love the style, so, maybe? The rest were fine but not exciting.

  6. The striped cowl-neck tunic is the only one that speaks to me (although I'm bugged by the front hem riding up!) but I think it's because the others are all too summery and it's still cold and wet outside where I am!

    My daughter would like Katherine Tilton top (but at her age, the baggy look looks fresh and breezy and not tent-like.)