Thursday, February 7, 2013

Newsflash: New Simplicity Patterns Announced!

Simplicity has released their latest collection of spring patterns.  Overall... meh.  A lot of trends were showing up - peplums, cleavage windows, hi-lo hems, and 80s inspired party dresses abound - but I wasn't seeing a lot of new or innovative styles that were going to be "must buys."  Let's take a look:

First off - peplums:

A Project runway peplum pattern.
Nothing I haven't seen in other patterns.

I don't know if this overlay is really a "peplum" style,
but I think it looks a bit too big and (dare I say) frumpy anyway.

A Lisette peplum pattern.  Again, nothing really new here.

I thought this next trend had ended, but apparently cleavage window cut outs are still a thing...

This pattern is ok, but nothing really exciting...

I am torn on this one.  I sort of like the style, but don't know that I would wear it.

The shirt makes me think of a superhero costume...
Hi-lo hems and color blocking also seem to be sticking around:

Still not a fan of the oversized baggy style.

There is just too much fabric being used in that top.

Minimal color blocking.  I think it might be more interesting
if they had used black to trim the jacket as well.

There were a few patterns I really liked, but they reminded me a lot of patterns I already own...

This "new" AmazingFit pattern reminds me a lot of...

This well-loved patterns that really does have an AmazingFit.

The seaming on this new Cynthia Rowley reminds me a lot of...

This pattern from a few releases ago.
The only other patterns of note are mostly party dresses:

I really liked the look of this pattern, but the halter ties
in the back, and I prefer a more stable support structure up top.

I can appreciate the style of this pattern, but I know it isn't a style for me.
Maybe something my sister would wear though?

All I can see is 80s prom.  Don't believe me?  Check out the other picture:

Total 80s all the way.

My favorite!  I don't really *need* another pretty dress
pattern, but I don't think I can resist this one.
Also, Pantone Emerald Green.  I see what you did there Simplicity!
And that's about it!  I mean, sure, there are some really basic skirts and elastic-waist pants, a few wardrobe patterns with a bunch of style re-hashes, and lots of kids and crafts patterns.  As far as these overall release goes... meh.  Most of the styles seemed very similar to previous pattern releases or patterns I already have in the stash.  Not too much here to interest me, but maybe I am missing something?  Let me know what you all think in the comments!


  1. Nothing jumping out at me in that lot...a few I will pick up when they come on sale, but until then ...

  2. may be this one
    On sale%)) I like a pocket in the front and the back!

  3. I just don't have a strong reaction either way to these. Lots of trends. Although I like the Cynthia Rowley more than the previous one.

  4. Nothing stood out for my either. I was bummed because I alway look forward to the new spring patterns to get me out of the mid-winter funk. Oh well, guess I can use some of the hundreds of patterns I already have in my stash, lol!

  5. I think 1642 top could be useful. I want to copy expensive designer things I can't afford and if you look at the current Isabel Marant collection, she has that exact top. Just don't make it in that awful pink and if the hole needs to be made slimmer just adjust the pattern accordingly, but then you can make your $400 I.M. top for $15 to $30 right