Friday, September 30, 2011

Newsflash - New Vogue Patterns Announced

Vogue has released some new patterns!  Looks like a lot of party dresses, some fall/winter coats, and a few accessories.  Overall I find the silhouettes to be too boxy and oversized for my taste.  Even with most of the dresses I find that I either an not excited or I have something that would be similar, or better already.  Even so, there are a few of the new designs I liked and will add to my wishlist:

V1270 - I like the waist detail

V1275 - Line drawing is more appealing than the photos...

V8774 - Jeans.  
I liked these, but not enough to want to buy them:

V1267 - A little too simple, but ok.

V1271 - I liked this at first, but there is something off about the proportions

V1272 - I like it, but I think it would make me look like a clown.

V1273 - This one looks sort of sloppy, but I like the concept.

V1276 - I like the coat, but I have some Burdas that are similar.

V8781 - A nice pattern collection, but again I already have patterns that I like more.
V8770 - I really like this, but it feels very similar to V8307, and I don't really need both.
And then, of course, there were a few what were they thinking patterns:

V1277 - Big, boxy, crazy.  Dare I say?  Ugly.

V1278 - I don't even know what this is supposed to be...
 So, yay, more new patterns!  Nothing that I want right away, but I will probably add a few of these to my stash at one of the upcoming pattern sales...

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