Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Luck at Joann's

I wasn't planning on going back to Joann's this weekend, but I figured it was worth a shot looking for the new Vogue patterns, and I got lucky!  Found all the new ones on my list, in the size I wanted.  I am really happy that it seems Vogue is finally putting sizes 12/14 in the same envelope for most of these patterns, which is great for me as I often have a hard time choosing between those sizes.  Anyway, here is what I picked up:






By the way, is it me, or do most of these models have really bad 80s hair?  What is up with that?

While I was there I also picked up a few other things:

More thread...

Pretty lining fabric - Bemburg rayon on the left, poly print on the right

So I am pretty excited that I was able to find the new patterns already, and I am also pretty excited with the lining fabrics I bought.  Right now I am in the middle of working on the raincoat (everything is finally cut and ready to sew), but black Bemburg should be making an appearance soon when I get working on my LBD.  I will post more updates when I have more finished on my coat!

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  1. Yep - totally 80's. A week or so on and I'm still swooning at some of these creations. What's first on the cutting table out of this collection for you?