Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Newsflash - Burda March Early Preview Posted

BurdaStyle Germany has posted the first preview of the March 2012 issue!  As expected, March is the transition to spring, with lots of florals and pastel colors.  Although it is often hard to tell from the preview, I have to say that, so far, I am liking this issue!  I haven't seen anything I love, but I have seen lots of things I like:

I want to see the line drawing for this jacket!

The scalloped shirt is interesting, and I like the jacket too!

Same as the blue one above, but I still really like it.

I am still not into the sack dress, but I like the subtle spring colors here.

I know its a sack, but I like the lace overlay sleeves.

I really really like this dress.

A first glimpse at Burda's version of the Pippa dress?

So far I have been intrigued - can't wait to see what else Burda has in store for this month!  What is everybody else feeling so far - will March be chic and classic or boring and frumpy?


  1. Yeah, I can't wait to see the line drawing for that jacket either. I'm optimistic about the issue.

  2. All the photos here actually show the garments really well! I'm hanging out for the line drawings too.... Those scallops on the top sure look like a lot of hard work! I'm loving that dress with the twist front :)