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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Great European Pattern Haul

Ok, so despite the craziness of prepping for nationals, frantically replacing my sewing machine, and trying to get everything done, I was too excited by my recent stash acquisitions that I just had to share them.  It has been pretty hectic since my sister returned from Europe, and I haven't had time to properly document all the awesomeness that I have been gifted, but I did want to share the most exciting sewing related things - more pattern magazines!

Four new Patrones!

I love the jacket, the pants, and this dress!

This jacket is perhaps a bit too girly for my style, but I love it anyway.

Pretty dresses!

I also got another Knipmode and a La Mia Boutique!

I did like this Knipmode dress.

And this sweater!

From La Mia Boutique - Very interesting shape to this jacket.

Also from LMB, I love the lace detail on the pants.

I am also a fan of this top/skirt combo.

A few random magazines from Germany

The design styles are pretty basic

But there are a few cute things.

Also - Burda Easy in two different languages!

And, as if that wasn't enough, I also couldn't resist the recent BMV OOP $1.99 Clearance Sale:

My new OOP Butterick and McCall's patterns.

So, this has been quite a year for my pattern stash.  Sadly, I am not quite so selfish as the Selfish Seamstress, so I maybe perhaps might have persuaded a certain someone to bring home a few extra sewing magazines from Europe.  Which I might possibly be planning on giving away once all of this crazy nationals sewing and skating has passed.  So I warn you now to keep a heads up for a first ever potential blog giveaway sometime next month.  I haven't quite got it all sorted out yet, but I do want to restrict it to people who follow/read/comment on my blog posts as I really do appreciate all of my readers.  As of right now I am also fairly open to shipping worldwide, though since I do have several duplicate magazines, I might have a few international prizes and a few domestic prizes.  Not entirely sure yet about the details, but stay tuned if you are interested!


  1. I like the girly jacket too. And I don't consider myself girly either! What a load of patterns! Where will you start?

  2. You got your patterns already from the BMV clearance sale already! (insert snort of disgust here) I am not expecting to see mine for a least another month, like last time.

    1. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't get the 3 patterns that I really wanted which were the reasons I went for the sale in the first place. They were, apparently, sold out. Of course, I was distracted by too many pattern magazines to sulk on the floor, but I was more than a little disappointed.