Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Newsflash - Burda August Early Preview Posted

The Russia website has posted their early preview of the August issue.  Burda is definitely heading into fall, and I must say that there is a lot more to intrigue me than in the summer issues.  Although it is a bit hard to tell before the line drawings come out, so far I am liking what I see.  Or, well, I am at least interested enough to be somewhat excited for the full preview to come out.

This dress has the potential to be interesting.

I actually sort of like this top despite the peplum and old-school-marm vibe.


Usually the fall and winter issues are my favorites, so I am excited to be heading into that season.  I am hoping there is more exciting stuff when the full preview comes out, but I at least see enough here to give me hope that there is a bit more design and fit in this issue than in July where everything was a sack.

UPDATE:  The German website has also posted their preview with additional/different images.  I am officially excited for the August issue!

I'm liking the jacket.

More peplum trends...

More capes.

I like this skirt!  Might be too much to hope that the turtleneck pattern is also included.

It might just be the colors of the fabric, but I really like this dress too!


  1. Even the fabric choices are looking a little more exciting this issue...

  2. Thank you posting a preview of the August issue. The styles seem very promising. :-)

  3. I have seen quite a few I like in the August issue. Excited myself.