Saturday, July 7, 2012

Unexpected LA Fabric Haul

Ok, so I knew I was going to need to go to LA garment district to get a few things to work on skating costumes for nationals.  What I wasn't expecting was a 50% off of solid fabrics at the Loft.  For those keeping track, that means $1.25 per pound.  So, while I was quite restrained in my other non-planned purchases, I went a bit wild in the Loft.  Ooops.

My legit purchases - rhinestones!  These are the cheapy fake ones,
but at 200 feet they look just like the real stuff.

Also quasi-legit - red spandex and mesh, blue textured spandex, and teal sequins

Lining fabrics in grey and navy, and striped knit fabric ($3/yard - I loves it!)

The Loft haul - full priced prints at $2.50/pound.
Back - lace print cotton jersey, teal/black stripe knit, green/yellow poly knit.
Front - feather poly charmeuse print, blue/green poly charmeuse print,
metallic blue stretch mesh, teal zig-zag knit.

Half priced solids!  Green sweater knit, black rayon solid, purple coating.

Pants-weight material.  I have seen so many people sewing up bright colored
pants (mainly Clovers) on the internet lately that I just couldn't pass up the red.

More skating fabrics - lots of red slinky, with some minty green thrown in.
Oh, and some lightweight purple poly chiffon too.

Oh, and did I mention that my total Loft Haul was less than $50?  That is 19 different fabrics in quantities of 2 to 5 yards each for less than $50.  Tell me honestly sewing people of the internet - could you really pass this up?  Obviously, I couldn't.  So... ummm... yeah.  That whole plan for sewing from stash fabric this year and not buying a lot of new stuff?  So far it is not working out too well.


  1. At least you got good value! I especially love the green sweater knit.

  2. Well it is nice to know I'm not the only one. See my blog in a couple of days for my take. You really had no choice at those prices, I mean really. You had to buy it all.

  3. What're you going to make first?

    1. I have actually been sewing with the red fabric - I will be hopefully showing off a lot of finished items after the next few weeks - but once that is done then I really want to make some basic knit tops or something else that will be fast and easy...