Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Newsflash: Fall New Look Patterns Released

The latest collection of New Look patterns has been released on the Simplicity website.  Even though this collection is a lot smaller than the Simplicity set, and even though about half of the patterns are for children, it is still infinitely more interesting.  Which isn't to say there are a lot of patterns I here I am wanting to buy, but at least it isn't totally snoozeworthy.  (Get it - snoozeworthy?  Since Simplicity released about 12 sleepwear patterns...)  Anyway, there isn't really anything here that I don't already have sitting around in a Burda somewhere, but I suppose a few of the patterns are at least worth a look.

NL6231 - It has taken me a year but I am finally starting to sort of get on board
with the whole peplum trend.  I think the jacket is pretty cute actually.

NL6227 - I think there are some nice options on this cape pattern.
Though ever time I see a new cape pattern all I can think of is Edna screaming "No capes!!!"

NL 6224 - Nice basic dress pattern.  View C is pretty cute.

NL 6223 - Another decent basic dress pattern.

NL 6230 - Who can't use a good raglan sleeve top?

NL 6228 - If you don't already have some good pencil
skirt patterns this looks like it has a few decent options...
 Of course, there were a few head scratchers as well...

NL 6226 - If that jacket was sent down the runway in that fabric
we all know Michael Kors would call it a 1980s reject garment. 

NL 6232 - Unisex shirt patterns... Just say no!

And, just for fun, anyone else want to plop this kid on a Roomba?

And that's what they got.  Once again nothing I am really dying to buy and make up.  One of the great things about having a pattern stash I guess.  So, what do you all think?  Anything here that is super exciting?  Is anybody actually inspired to sew for fall yet?  Or are we just stuck in a rut of boring pattern releases?


  1. These are an improvement over Simplicity, but I think they are uninspired. Luckily I have patterns collected from more interesting decades. ;)

  2. Definitely better than Simplicity, but still rather basic. Am I the only one that thinks the tops and skirts in 6230 are a really odd match to be in the same pattern envelope? I mean, they are both nice basics, but I wouldn't make an outfit out of them.

    1. No you aren't the only one, the top looks way too casual for the skirt. Strange choice.

    2. I totally agree. Would have made much more sense to pair the pencil skirt with the peplum jackets, and the pants with the raglan shirts.