Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wait... Someone made a dress out of it?!?!

Ok, so you may remember my first (and thus far only) installment of "What The Fabric?" where we collectively scratch our heads over some truly terrible fabric options.

Well, it seems that someone has made a dress from it, and posted their creation to the English Burda Style website.  If you want to look at it, you can follow the link here.  You guys really have to check it out.  Words can't even begin to describe...


  1. Bwahahahahaha! I want to buy some so that when friends ask me to make something, I would have the perfect fabric.

    1. Yes! That is the most brilliant plan EVER.

    2. GENIUS! LOL I need to stash something like this for when friends call.

    3. Yes that is a perfect plan and the fabric is even worse if you are NOT American. Just sayin..........