Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tales from the Road: Grand Canyon National Park

The final stop on the road home was a bit out of the way - Grand Canyon National Park.  The Grand Canyon is one of those things that is so iconic it was a bit surreal being there.  It (obviously) looks quite a bit like the pictures and images that are so prevalent, but the actual scale of it can't really be imagined until you are there.  It was a bit out of the way, and the threat of thunderstorms cut our visit a bit short (not to mention that I am not really one for heights anyway, so I wasn't too keen on hiking or mule-ing my way down into the canyon), so I didn't really get the "full experience," but I did enjoy being able to see one of the greatest natural landmarks on Earth.  Definitely something that everyone should see if they have the opportunity.

The colors, sizes, and shapes of the rocks are amazingly varied.
You can see the path of the Colorado River as it carves through the rock.
Can you see the people?
They are a lot braver than I am...
Grand Canyon!
That's pretty much it as far as exciting places I got to visit on my trip.  Well, aside from the New Mexico fabric stores (of course).  Stay tuned for my upcoming post about my New Mexico fabric finds!


  1. Amazing!!! I've hiked in and out of Colca Canyon (the deepest I think) but visually this kicks Colca to the kerb. Such an incredible place, and fabulous photos!

  2. You are so right about the scale and needing to see it in person. I was there in 1998 (so long ago already!) and thought the same thing. Pictures just don't do it justice. I long to go back.