Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Newsflash: New Kwik Sew Patterns Announced

Kwik Sew used to be one of my favorite pattern companies.  Their athletic patterns are the ones I use most often.  Then McCall's took over and things went downhill, fast.  I can't say that this release has turned things around, but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised.  There is still a lot of the crafty stuff that I am going to ignore here, and a lot of crazy sacks made out of quilting fabrics that they pretend are clothes, but they actually had a few decent patterns, so let's take a look:

KS4029 - I love this jacket.  The collar shape is so modern and elegant.

KS4026 - This cowl neck knit dress is cute!
Though I expect I could probably make one using patterns I already have.

KS4013 - The gathering on the midriff is a bit thick,
but overall I think this is decent dress.

KS4014 - I love the color blocking on this top.
Though, again, I expect I could do this using a pattern I already have.

KS4028 - This cowl neck is cute, but again I think I already have a similar pattern.

KS4027 - A nice basic v-neck top.  Probably needs to be worn with a cami.

KS4017 - Nice to see a man's pattern in the release.
I do wish there were a few more details, but this is a pretty decent jacket.

KS4019 - Since I am at the age where a lot of people are getting married,
this diaper bag pattern might be a worthy addition to the stash.
 Of course, before we all get too excited, I do have to point out that a fair number of the patterns looked a lot like this:

KS4030 - A big reminder of why I don't sew with quilting cottons.
So, overall, there isn't a lot of wow in the collection, but there were more decent patterns than I had been expecting based on previous releases.  So, what do you all think?  Was this a worthy effort from Kwik Sew?  Or does this seem like a lot of rehash from patterns you have already seen?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


  1. Some cute ones but I have a strict policy of not wearing placemats

  2. I know - that quilting fabric look just doesn't do some of those patterns justice! Like you I think that any features could easily be transferred to patterns that we already have in the stash...but I am rather partial to the little jacket, K4029 - I am always a sucker for a scarf looking collar/front band ... J

  3. they did put out some nice patterns, but nothing I don't have already in my Burda magazines. meh

  4. Agreed. The dress could be salvaged with more narrow elastic in front and a viscose jersey. It would also make a nice maternity dress with the front gathering moved up a bit and the front hem curved down. But speaking of quiliting and placemats, I kind of like the 4016 tunic top with color blocking. Every now and then they make one that works... but I wouldn't clamor to sew this. This is Katharine and not my husband in case he is logged in :)